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  1. 5.0

    Carol is a powerful positive force. Don’t let the positive fool you – there is much more to Carol than look thru rose-colored glasses. Her coaching is very loving, caring and she is amazingly insightful. She changes lives in a very amazing way.

  2. 5.0

    Carol is an inspiration! A true uplifter in times of fear and uncertainty. I truly feel this way through working with her over the past 5+years. I’ve learned from Carol as she led monthly Tuesday Teachings via Positive Focus, one on one coaching and now through our mastermind group. She always has an idea or insight into whatever it is you are being challenged with. Carol always offers you another way of looking at a situation and somehow has this magical way of finding the positive in all perceived negative situations. She has supported me through it all – from moving across country, to changing relationships and leaving jobs – always there and always reminding me to see the good, positive outcomes every step of the way. Carol is your biggest cheerleader and will encourages you to celebrate your accomplishments (small or big) every step of the way. As she always says, she’s here to heighten celebrations and lessen sorrows and she does that in a big way. I highly recommend working with Carol. I know that you will benefit greatly in working with a true positivity coach/leader and change agent.

  3. Leigh Daniel

    Carol Miller is a superstar. She lives and breathes positive focus. I have consulted with her about events (she is the coordinator for one of the biggest transformational events, Celebrate Life) and speaking. She is incredibly insightful and knows how to run events. She’s a great resource and consultant for anyone who wants to run their own event. Carol has also been selected to speak at my next event. Wherever she goes she brightens the room. Someone you really want at your events!

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