Whilst I am sure that there are more than 3 reasons why success eludes you, here I present my top 3. I’ve learned these the hard way and I share my thoughts with you now, in the hope that you can avoid the same pain.

Know what success looks like for you…..

At the start of your entrepreneurial journey, success can appear like a castle in a faraway land. Access granted only to those of royalty; undeniable, innate talent; privileged backgrounds and/or extreme good looks.

But when you don’t fit in to any category (like moi), it’s easy to start galloping toward a picture of success that doesn’t belong to you! 

My first coaching company told me that I needed to aim for my own studio, staff members, 50k+ turnover minimum. (Also if someone was fat enough and desperate enough, they’d pay anything).

I achieved that and guess what? I was miserable! Why?  Because it wasn’t what I wanted. And I didn’t trust myself enough to define success on my own terms.

Tip #1 – Get really clear on what success looks like for you. Really tap in to what lights you up AND what you value. When you get clear on those two things you will know what you life MUST look and feel like. Then you can design the business that creates that life. Your creation. 

Stop being a copy cat….

Is your inbox full of free “blueprints and strategies” that promise you the elusive 5 figure months; diary chocca with clients; 100% increase in your mailing list or a highly interactive, purchase crazy Facebook group.

Yep, mine was too (and I still have to resist temptation). But let me tell you – all this does is create overwhelm and keeps you drinking “comparisonschlager”. It’s exhausting.

I’m NOT saying that you shouldn’t take advice and I’m DEFINITELY advising working with a coach. However, your biggest asset is YOU and your faith.

Tip #2 You have everything you need to achieve everything you want. Right now. In you. Never give this power away. Trust your intuition and know that the ONLY way to success is YOUR way.  Personalise all the advice you find or are given. And for god’s sake, be YOU!! When you are authentic, people like you and when people like you, they will naturally buy from you. 

Recognise resistance

Having recently finished the book, “The Art of War” , I was shocked to see how I was still resisting success in some ways. Just further proof to me that we can never become complacent on our journey in business and life.

Anyhow, without fail, one of the main manifestations of resistance that I see is the inability to commit to SUCCESS HABITS. Actions such as not checking your email for the first hour of the day; meditating; keeping a tight diary; working out; gratitude journal etc. 

People read a book, get fired up, follow a routine. Then a month later it starts to become “now and again” rather than every day. Then they bitch and moan about their lack of results. OR they commit to success habits, reach their goal and start to slack.

This is exactly the same as losing weight through nutrition and exercise, reaching goal weight and going back to pizza and sofa surfing. If you stop doing what you did to get where you are, you’ll go back to where you were. 

Tip #3 Stop quitting on yourself. The foundational work is THE work. Your business will never grow more than your level of personal development so it’s the most important gift you can give to yourself.  If you want success as badly as you say you do, you will prioritise developing and perfecting the habits necessary. 

If you are ready to remove all the blocks that are holding you back and create the life and business that you dream about, then I’d love to speak with you.

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Hi. I'm Louise and I work with women to turn their ideas in to abundance, with ease and flow. My gift is helping you re-discover and monetise your voice and your gifts so that you can live the life you dream of. I believe in creating Lifepreneurs - committing to showing up and living fully in all areas of life, from spiritual to financial. Working with me allows you to identify and remove all the crap that is holding you back, revealing your truest and highest potential and living in that power every day. My big loves? Weights, woo and wine (not always in that order!)

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