Many people want some kind of change in their life, and most of the time the reason can be boiled down to one type of thing: they’re not happy or fulfilled or satisfied with some area of their life. What may not be obvious is that the change must start with us. We must first choose and accept to be different, to be happy or fulfilled. That is the key that unlocks our self imposed mental prisons and puts us on the path to real freedom. Otherwise we just continue to walk the same pathways over and over, even if we don’t like the direction and results. After we have made the primary choice to change, what do we do next? There are numerous books and workshops with numerous methods for change that a person can adopt, but in my experience, those methods can normally be summarized into five things. And doing ALL of them will most definitely accelerate change in our lives.

  1. Think Differently

This is where it all starts. New mental choices about we want and how we want to feel are paramount, as guided be our intuition. And it’s best to choose to have a “good” attitude. Not forcing ourselves to be happy, but thinking in directions of best case outcomes for everyone involved. Eeyore or Tigger? It’s our choice!

  1. Imagine Differently

We all do it. We imagine and visualize about life. It’s what empowers our thoughts and attitudes, and engages with life around us. However, the visualizations are usually about the same pathways, day after day, so nothing seems to change. We must spend time imagining and visualizing our new directions.

  1. Talk Differently

Not just to other people, but to ourselves. Once we have chosen to direct our thoughts and imagination, we need to talk to ourselves. Becoming aware or our inner dialogue and shaping it to fit our new desires will assist in the transition to our new way of being. Expressing our new chosen directions outside ourselves will be simpler and come more naturally.

  1. Act Differently

This is the big one. Sitting on the coach won’t cut it. We must take action. Make our check lists. Put the car in gear. Start peddling. Start moving. Take baby steps. And don’t worry, when we stay moving, life will automatically keep us going in the direction of our true desires.

  1. Celebrate

We don’t do this enough. It’s the same as being grateful for what we have now. How many of us take time to celebrate the good things we have now? Even if it’s just doing a “high five” in the mirror, it’s amazing how it feels!

And for really expediting change, celebrate (especially in your imagination) completing the new changes that you are seeking as if they have already happened. Then look out. The results, the freedom and the feelings are amazing!

Mark Carter
Mark teaches & coaches Playing The Matrix with Infinite Possibilities & LivinForFun. A fun daily process for engaging life so that life can happen for you! Click here to learn more about Mark and his programs
  1. I so agree with this. Do all the mind work and then get up and move in a direction, any direction. The way will be made! Thanks for the share!

  2. Good article, Mark. These are nicely outlined for people seeking change but feeling stuck and not sure where to start. I’m sharing this with a friend.

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