Last Friday I did a live stream on my Facebook page about my Down to Earth membership group.

I even had the nerve to watch it back, and you know what? I liked it!

One thing that struck me though was how the moment my passion really was beginning to show I backed down again.

I wondered why is it so hard for me to really talk about the things that are so close to my heart in a passionate way?

I know I can through the written word, but what is holding me back to do the same through the spoken word?

I know it’s me. Only me. I am holding myself back. Because, what if I get all worked up. Start sweating. Maybe even start crying, or get angry, when I share my passion for nature.

Because it is there. The feeling.

And how I wish I could take all of you into my world. Into how I experience nature, animals. How I connect with the earth, the trees, the plants. How I can hear, see, feel them. How the messages keep coming in so deeply lately.

How I can get overwhelmed by the sheer beauty of this planet, of lakes enclosed by beautiful mountains and forests. The vastness of the open seas. The beauty of the birds flying free.

How I love sharing what little facts I know about nature, but even more so the energies. How we are all one. All connected. All dependant on each other.

I wish I could take you on a journey, make you see why a healthy planet is the most important thing to me. And how for me it is so hard to be amongst people that destroy this beauty. This medicine. This well, everything. And for what? Greed?

As I am typing this I see the images of death and destruction passing before my eyes. Vanishing rain forests, cutting down beautiful big trees because they are in our way, killing animals to fulfil our needs in a horrible way. And most of it is because of our need to expand. The more, more, more syndrome. And I cry. My heart cries.

This is WHY I do what I do. Why I started this journey. Why I create what I create. Not just to help you on your path, or helping you and your pet to connect on a deeper level, but for this bigger vision. The healing of this beautiful planet we live on. Our mutual Mother.

For years, I have been in a place of hatred towards my own species, but I realised that in hating my own species I also hate myself.

For years, I have been in the rescuer mode, judging other humans, pointing fingers and telling others what not to do.

For years, I have not operated from a place of love.

But the more I get back my abilities to truly hear nature, get the messages from the animals and the trees, to more humble I feel.

Because they don’t hate us. They don’t resent us. No matter what we do, they keep loving us, and want to help us.

They don’t want us to go extinct, they keep sending us ways to help us survive. And we keep fighting. They even sacrifice themselves to help us grow. Because they feel that with every species that goes extinct more awareness will come.

They know that the things we are seeking they already have. Spiritual awakening, living from the heart, living in the now.

The only thing that makes us different from the rest of nature is our ability to think, to create. And they are calling us to use this ability in another way. To connect our minds with our hearts again. To move our centre from our minds, our Chi-point, towards our hearts. This is our true centre. Where we create from a place of love.

This is what I feel when I connect to an animal. For communication or healing. This amazing heart centre. The energy emerging from that.

This is what helped me restore my love for my own species. This creative power. The arts. Music, song, dance. Paintings. Poems, books. Sculptures. This is what we were meant to be doing. Create beauty. Inspired by nature, each other. Life. Not destroy, hate, kill.

And I am so blessed to be able to pass on these messages. To anyone who wants to hear. And in that create a ripple effect that eventually will become an amazing light of healing energy.

If you want to experience this yourself, this amazing energy, you can join my membership group. Just give it a go, and see if you can also feel what I feel, hear what I hear, see what I see. To grow from a place of love, connectedness, oneness.

You can join for just a month, or you can choose a monthly subscription, or if you pay for a half year at once, you get one month for free. It’s only 30 euros per month!

Learn more about the practical part of my membership group on this page.

We start again July 1st, where Mighty Oak will be guiding us.

The nature spirits are so ready to help you on your path and teach you the importance of co-existing and co-creating at the same time.


Diana is taking a step back at the moment to rediscover who she is and what makes her heart truly sing.

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