About Me

Kerri Lake is a gifted speaker, writer, and guide for navigating life without violence. She is a natural "servant leader" whose presence empowers others to their own greatness. Her first book, Listen Like A Horse: Relationships Without Dominance, touches the hearts of friends, parents, professionals, facilitators, leaders and healers in many walks of life. She is recognized as a new and unique voice for humanity to know love and kindness in all relationships. She has created Generation Of Harmony to provide education, tools and guidance for people to know the value of their unique presence in the world. Kerri travels to teach Tools For An Awakening World. She speaks about how each individual is a vast resource for cultural change and provides pragmatic ways to use our awareness to bring about changes that complement all of life. Her innate ability to connect and communicate with the animal kingdom and nature is the foundation of all that she shares. Kerri is available for animal communication and healing, human communication and healing, and facilitation to help individuals embody their own highest states of consciousness in this life with grace.

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