About Me

Sean C. Higgins is CTO of The Herjavec Group, which was founded in 2003 by Sean, Robert Herjavec, and George Frempong. The Herjavec Group is one of Canada’s fastest-growing technology companies and the country’s largest IT security provider. In the Canadian Best Selling book, Driven, Sean is described as “the smartest guy I ever met” by Robert Herjavec. Though having worked in the Information Technology Field for over 25 years, Sean started a journey several years ago which has lead him to become a Transformational Coach. He has received training from Christy Whitman through her Quantum Success Coaching Academy and David Morelli through his Enwaken Coaching and Enwaken Apprentice programs. Sean combines traditional life coaching skills and business expertise with his ability to read energy to assist his clients. Sean has written a book called, Living Your Purposeful Life which assists people to begin their journey to Living Their Purposeful Life. Sean is an international speaker with a wide range of speaking engagements. In 2013, Sean co-hosted a weekly radio show called “Paths to Peace.”

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