Not so long ago I wrote about going back to the drawing board.

After that I had my first session with my life coach, Evan. I got in touch with him because I needed someone from the “outside”, someone who didn’t know me, or my history or what I did. We had a great talk and got some practical tips that I started implementing.

A lot of this was repeating things I had done before. Like meditating, writing down what my inner demons aka inner critics were saying to me, and connecting with people in real life.

But this time there was really something happening, shifting. Maybe because of all the inner work I had been doing up till now, that this happened so fast. This rate of growth was something I had not experienced before.

I also started getting clarity on WHO I am. And why I do what I do. Or think I had to do.

Of course, writing my book also started a series of epiphanies and realisations, but somehow it felt like the shifts were now really touching ground. I could FEEL the things changing. Not just in my head, but in my whole system. I learned about the lack of self-love, self-acceptance, self-worth and more. Basically, I have been doing things for or because of others. I had been playing nice for a long time, to avoid confrontations and conflicts, and stopped being kind to myself.

After this started to settle in and I started to make changes in this, I started looking at what I really love doing, what is effortless and what I always make time for, no matter what. The answer came: connecting to the animals and writing!

So, I decided. For the first time in my life I made a deep internal decision. Not based on what others thought I was good at, or tests showed. Not based on running away from my true self but really stepping into ME, my own skin. No asking for advice or confirmation from others. This time I didn’t feel the need to.

My biggest dreams started surfacing again. Writing, traveling, learning about animals, meeting new people, learning about other cultures. Basically: living the life of my dreams. And getting inspiration for writing with this.

And when I admitted this to myself, this deep Soul purpose? My whole system exhaled. Deeply and fully. My body relaxed. I felt a heaviness lifted off my shoulders. It felt like floating and being more grounded than ever at the same time for the first time in my life. This is what it is like bringing heaven on earth. This is what it has always been about. This journey so far. The lessons. The educating, workshops, mentoring. The teachings. The people I met. To come to this tipping point.

So, in fact, the next leg of my journey has just started. But this inner calm, this feeling of deep trust that everything will work out just fine. It is hard to explain this feeling in words. But I know those of you who have been there know this feeling, and if you haven’t, maybe you will.

What does this mean in a practical sense?

Well, that I will be focussing on writing! First up is finishing the book that has started this process: Around my world with 80 Spirit Animals. Basically it is the story of my life so far, divided in three sections, and infused with messages of 80 animals. Who I was before life began, the dark ages, and returning to the light! This book needs to be born first, and will be born! This year, or maybe the beginning of next year. I am part of a group of amazing authors in That Guy’s House, an exciting journey that is setting a new tone in the publishing world! I love being a part of this!

And as soon as I made the decision, a whole lot of books surfaced! Ideas, titles, animals giving me subjects for books. It was like opening up a vault filled with precious gems!

But, what about the animal communication? Well, that got me a bit confused at first. Because I know I am an animal messenger, and they already stated they wanted me to continue doing it.

Just not in the way I did up till now. Well, not entirely, because with some people I already worked in the way it is going to be from now on: the messages from pets and wild animals as they see it. What they have to tell you, why they are in your life of show up in another way. Simplified. No more playing the therapist. Because I am not. I am a messenger. And if your pet wants to have additional help I can show you the way, connect you to others. But always from the pets wishes. Same goes for guiding you on your journey. I am not a therapist, coach or mentor, but I know a lot of awesome women and men that are very good at this. What I AM good at is making connections. When I work with a pet or a wild animal other people pop up and I am so sure that this is part of their message to you!

And this work will be a big part of my inspiration for books on Animal messages!

Music will be another way of bringing the messages from the animals. Through my harp. With intuitive music I make while tuning into animals. By hearing what I get internally into real music. That is something new for me, so this will take practice and lots of trust that this will work out! I already purchased a recording device to allow me to record demo-quality music.

What else to expect? Meditations, Oracle Cards, maybe some creative projects together with others. I feel like a whole world is opening up for me, with infinite possibilities, as long as I stay true to myself and flexible in what I create. That what I create feels joyful, playful, effortless. And diverse! I love so many things, but they need to be animal or nature related and make use of my role as messenger.

I need to make a lot of adjustments on my offerings, my website, my social media. This will be done in the coming weeks.

But…. I feel happy, and a sense of self-confidence I have never experienced before.

I can totally imagine that you didn’t sign up for this when you started following me. And I get that this might be the end of the line for us, and that is totally ok. Or…. you might be on this path with me for a reason, and want to hang on to see if this brings you what you were looking for all along!

So, if you stay with me, loads of new things are coming. And if not I thank you from the bottom of my heart and set you free to explore other options.

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Love, love, love and more love


Diana is taking a step back at the moment to rediscover who she is and what makes her heart truly sing.

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