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With the rush of “back to school” traffic and the hum of morning buses, I’ve been reminded of a great lesson of how the Universe works.
Every year, before my mom would take my sister and me shopping for back to school clothes, she would force us to clean out our closets.
“Throw away anything that doesn’t fit, you haven’t worn in the past year, or you aren’t excited to take off the hanger and wear tomorrow.”
Of course we groaned at the thought, requiring a reasonable explanation.

“Until you make room in your closet,” she said, “you won’t see anything you truly need or want at the mall.”

This is a difficult task, even as adults, isn’t it? Diving into what might be a mess of unorganized things. Skimming your fingers across dormant items that haven’t seen the light of day in months or even years. Cross-examining each piece to determine if it stays or goes. Revisiting the memories stashed away in boxes.
The idea of cleaning out your closet can be overwhelming and the process can be slow and painful. Especially when you come across that sequined mini dress you wore once at 17 [gentleman – maybe for you it’s a retro muscle-T). Despite the fact that attire is completely out of place in your life today, the fear sets in at the thought of giving it away.
What if the office has an 80’s themed day and best costume wins? What if I lose 15 pounds and this dress can actually squeeze over my bum bum? What if “slutty sequins” is “the new black” in 2020?
You ask yourself these questions, searching for excuses not to part with something that simply is not you, anymore. It doesn’t fit your body right. It’s outdated. It does not bring out the color in your eyes, flatter your figure, or represent the stage of life you are in. It is NOT a lot of things. What it IS, is taking up space. Precious space for things you could be filling your closet with. Things that truly fit you. Things you will want to wear frequently.
Life can be a lot like a cluttered closet filled with people, jobs, habits, thought patterns, fears and negative emotions we hold onto because they are familiar or define a part of us that used to be. A part of us we simply are afraid to part with. But in clinging to those cobwebs, we are clogging our channel to the Universe with mixed signals. We want the Universe to bring something new our way, even though we are not ready to let go of something old.

What wrong-sized, out-of-style clothes are you hiding out in your closest? What are you hanging onto that is not serving you any more? What is keeping you from throwing it away? And most importantly – the question with the real potential – what would happen if you let it go and create space for something new?
By cleaning out your closet, I guarantee your next shopping spree will be abundant. Suddenly that perfect “item” will be shown to you more clearly than ever before. And when it is, you will have an open spot on the shelf with its name on it.

Jenny Cupero lives in Nashville, TN and is currently the Director of Business Development for 5by5 – A Change Agency. Jenny specializes in building relationships with changemakers like you to connect them with the marketing and digital solutions they need to optimize their clarity and reach. Jenny loves to stay active and is known for her shameless love affair with cheese, Disney World and Celine Dion. She is very excited to contribute to this incredible group of visionaries and changemakers making the world a better place.