Do you blame yourself for uncontrollable eating and cravings for foods you know aren’t good for you? If so, here is another important aspect, addressing the physiology that triggers cravings.  Food cravings or food addictions tend to be an early sign and symptom that gets noticed first, telling your body it needs attention.

I’ve always had sugar cravings, but I noticed years ago my ability to choose healthy foods over my food cravings was getting more difficult. It was very frustrating. I felt trapped by food choices which then turned into guilt. Ultimately, I ended with a few autoimmune’s, all triggered by a depletion in my health. At first, I blamed those initial signs on my lack of will-power, which turned out to not be the case.

Stress and emotional responses to life events are a normal part of living, the difference is, the uncontrollable part or addiction piece is a response to something at a root cause level. This chart describes the key areas to address to eliminate food addictions and cravings.

Cravings and food addiction are labeled as a lack of self-control. There is a difference between habits, i.e. stopping for fast food on the way to work, versus having a physiological, emotional or spiritual root cause issue to resolve. Our bodies aren’t sugar deficient, so addressing the root cause is needed.



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Cyndi Stewart, Phd, FNLP, Functional Nutrition and Intuitive Helaing --- Visit Cyndi's site where she shares her story of health struggles, diagnoses, and successes after years of trial and error learning of how to manage her own health.

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