You’ve been using it for a while, but may not have noticed it.

Have you noticed what resonates with you?

This is an incredible tool for expanding your intuition.

Whenever you feel that something clicks, feels right, or resonates with you, you tend to believe or follow your instincts.

For example, you’ve been thinking about how to deal with a problem with a friend. The two of you got into an argument, and you are not sure what to do.

Later on, you have a conversation with someone else about a completely different topic, when all of a sudden something from the current conversation gives you an idea about how to deal with the conflict you had. It’s as if a bell was rung, or there was a pop in your head, and you thought to yourself, “Bingo! This is the answer I’ve been looking for.”

Another example is when you read a book. There are passages that stand out in your mind and feel right to you. That’s a resonating moment. Or maybe a song plays over the radio and something about that song makes you feel peaceful or pulls at you.

Chances are you picked your friends because they felt right to you. And you are reading this web site because something about it clicked.

When things do not feel right, they do not resonate. You somehow know it’s not quite right for you.

For example, your best friend wants you to go on vacation together. You’re not sure what to do. You don’t want to offend your best friend, but you know deep down that this doesn’t resonate with you.

The dilemma is whether or not to follow your intuition.

Do you stand true to your gut feeling or do you take a chance and go against that?

Have you noticed how you feel when you follow your instincts on such matters?

You might observe how you feel lighter or more peaceful. Whereas, if you go against your intuition, you notice perhaps a knot in your stomach, or a tightness in your chest or back. Something does not feel right in your body as a result of ignoring your intuition.

Now there may not be bells going off in your head, but you do have a sense of what feels right for you. The question is whether you listen to this resonating moment, and follow your intuition, or do you ignore it and press on.

What resonates with you? What feels right to your soul?

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