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It was about five years ago when I first started to be aware that there actually is enough time for everything that needs to be done..


Meaning if it’s essential for you and your goals, it will get done.


I experimented with it and my time management journey has involved planners and to do lists but also rebelling against those all and just seeing if I get caught if I just do what I please. (That was interesting!) But what Mira wanted to point out here with the quote from a famous author, because that just points it out so well.. Is that


The answer really is simple

It’s maybe too simple and thus easily unregarded:

Learn to know your heart well and follow her lead.

Start with the things you love to do and THAT will create more energy in your life.
You can’t ignore them, you can’t continue waiting for there to be time for them.
Other things will always be there to rob your time.


Start with the things you love and your time will expand.


Devote even ten minutes a day in the morning, or two minutes every hour for the things you love..


Find your own best way to commit to the things that energize you and you’ll see how everything will change!


Miracles are on their way!


If you are a mom or a nurturer, remember that you are not alone, you can ask for help and most importantly remember that when you thrive everyone around you starts to feel better too! It’s a win-win-win for everyone!


Elina Puohiniemi
An artist and a life coach combined - Elina Puohiniemi from Finland - is illustrating the spiritual path with joyful, uncomplicated, colorful Mira(cle)Doodles.

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