It’s been a while since I wrote or shared anything. Yes, I know, not good marketing, because that’s all about visibility and consistency.

But… I am also someone who feels called to follow her own flow and rhythm and ever since I set out on this journey of running my own business I have been overwhelmed by all the outer clutter. I no longer knew what my path was, or message.

So, I had to go inwards. Reconnect to my heart and soul. I was getting lost in who I was supposed to be, how I was supposed to present myself, how to speak my ideal clients’ language. I lost me.

I had to stop. Connect to my inner me. Remember why I came here. Why I started this in the first place. Reconnect to my passion, my deeper mission. To be a guardian of the earth, a messenger for the animals and nature.

Working on my book and with a life coach brought me back to my initial passions. But it also did something else that was much needed. It opened my heart. I reconnected my heart and soul to my mind. Accepting me as a whole. Love myself for who I am. A human being, instead of a human doing. To reconnect to other human beings, in a deeper way than I had in a long, long time. From a place of love instead of fear of getting hurt.

What I did notice on finding my own path was a lot of people also searching, running around, on to the next course, learning yet another modality, working with yet another coach or mentor. I know. I did too.

And that has been good, I’ve met amazing people through doing this, and learned a lot from them on a soul and practical level.

It also made me realise what I didn’t want, who I wasn’t and that I was most of all listening to the outside world. Looking for constant confirmation. Not accepting that I seem to function and think a bit different than most people. And that this is a gift instead of a burden.

So, where then would I find my answers? Where they have always been: inside. But how to get to those answers?

We all are a part of this amazing universe, we are all connected. All the wisdom you need is right there. And therefore, in you. Only you know who you really are and what your purpose is in life.

The trick however in reconnecting to this is to drop everything, go into your own stillness and listen.

Your soul has drawn up a universal contract when you decided to come back on earth. In that contract you wrote what you want to learn in this life and how you want to be of service to the world. So, it all is there. You just misplaced the contract.

The best way for me to get back to that inner knowing was to go into silence, to connect to animals and nature. It got me into a tranquil state from where I could hear my soul speak again.

Additionally, I used tools like music, meditation, yoga, natural remedies, healthy foods. They all helped to clear my system and open up my channels again.

Now, is this your way? I will be very honest. I don’t know. But if you are here, reading this, it might very well be.

And I would love to help you do this. I know the animals and nature spirits also want this. They see us. They feel us. Because we are one. They are constantly trying to help us, send us messages, but we are often too busy to see and hear them. They are worried for us, and our development as species. They love us.

I can hear them. I see what they are trying to tell and teach us. One of my many gifts is to transfer and translate those messages and signals to you. One of my other gifts is to create a safe environment, hold space for you to go on this inner journey.

The Down To Earth Spirituality membership group is something I was guided to create a few months ago. This is one of those safe places to journey. Each month an animal or other nature spirit will guide us with its insights and wisdom. This June Polar Bear wants to guide us.

Imagine living in a world that’s all white, cold, and silent. Where in the winter there is no light and in the summer no dark. What an amazing world to stop and find your inner stillness.

Polar Bear has visited me before, delivering deep and profound messages. This is a species that is struggling to survive, partly because of our way of living. If they can help us wake up it also helps them survive. Our destinations are very much intertwined.

I have never seen a Polar Bear in the wild, but I have seen them in the Zoo, and they are aware, they are connected to their relatives in the wild. They know.

They have a deep wisdom that comes from the Heart. And they want to help you to also find that Hearts wisdom.

Polar Bear, card from the Native Spirit Oracle Card set by Denise Linn.

If this speaks to you, learn more about how you can participate on this page.

Polar Bear and I look forward to taking you into the stillness, to find your own answers.


Diana is a writer, animal messenger, inspirator, awakener, pathfinder, nature-lover and Earthling.
After being lost for many years she found her path and mission after going on a deep inward journey to reconnect to her heart and soul. Her ongoing mission since then is to also help you find your unique path in life. She does this by taking you on actual journeys, giving you messages from the animal kingdom and nature, including your pets, and help you recognize and read the signs and signals on this path. So that you can take up your own unique place in this world and start co-creating a positive life on this beautiful spaceship called Earth.


Diana is taking a step back at the moment to rediscover who she is and what makes her heart truly sing.

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