As an animal communicator, there are some things I need to be aware of not to fall for. One of them is fixing things.

We as species have a need to “fix” things. When something is broken, we repair it. When somebody is sick, we heal them. When death is near, we try to prolong it. It seems to be in our nature. Or is it? Maybe it’s been slowly entering our systems throughout our history. When we discovered how things work, how the body works. How people got sick, and why. And we try to fix it. And that’s okay as long as it has a function.

But it has gone to extremes, we try to fix everything. Old age is no longer accepted. Or respected. We manipulate to fulfil our needs for fixing. Food, animals, the earth, the climate even.

I’ve had a few consults where clients were “disappointed” by the results. They were expecting something else, or more. They kind of expected me to fix things for them. Maybe I have been not clear enough in stating where my work ends, or maybe they didn’t (want to) hear.

But I can’t fix it. I am just a vessel, a messenger. I translate what the animal has to say, what it needs to bring across. I tell what I sense in its body, to give directions if they are lost on what is going on. And that is where my work ends. The next step is up to the owner and the animal. My knowledge and experience can help get them on their way, but then it’s up to them. It’s not up to me to fix things.

And whilst I know this is where my responsibility ends, in the past sometimes I couldn’t help but get this feeling of failure. I wasn’t able to fix things. I should have done more. I should have made the animal complete again.

This need for me to fix things comes from my past. My brother making an attempt to end his life when I was young, and years later the second attempt succeeded. My father died a year later. Our family fell apart. And I just wanted to fix things, make it better. Heal everyone, make life pleasant again. Make it whole. Because I didn’t like that broken feeling.

But through the years I realised more and more that some things aren’t meant to be fixed. They are actually meant to be experienced, as valuable lessons and messages. They are meant to stay broken. Or maybe even never were broken. We can’t fix old age, we can’t fix death. They are a part of life, they aren’t broken. A part of the cycle. As the older animals say to me, please let my owner know I am not a patient. I don’t need fixing, I need love and understanding. I need acceptance. As my dog Elvis told me when he became paralysed. I don’t need fixing. I don’t want a wheelchair. I want you to accept me as I am. I am not broken, I am perfect just the way I am.

Animals are much better in accepting things the way they are. They most of the time don’t fix things, or if they are beyond repair, they let go of it. You will see a spider weave its web over and over again, or a bird build its nest over again, but in the end, they will just find a new spot if it doesn’t work. And parents that see that there is something wrong with their new born, know they won’t survive in the wild or weaken the species. They abandon them, or even kill them. They understand this circle of life. That doesn’t mean they don’t feel or mourn, they do, but they accept this.

Animals that are domesticated still have that urge, but we intervene. It’s our need for fixing and controlling things that comes up. To rescue the little animal. And it works, but lots of times they end up having special needs, or a weak immune system for instance. So, we keep on fixing the rest of their lives.

But for me, it was accepting the fact I can’t fix everything. I can guide, direct, give clues. I can translate, give the message. And accept that some things aren’t meant to be fixed. And can be very beautiful in their “broken” form…..

Beautiful old “broken” Elvis…..

If you are interested in me not fixing things for you, but do want me to give you clues on what’s going on, I invite you to explore my website to see what I have to offer for you on this.


Diana is taking a step back at the moment to rediscover who she is and what makes her heart truly sing.

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