Everyone always seems to be telling you what you should do, and maybe you even seek their advice because you’re not sure. And you can end up getting a million and one different opinions.

Which leaves you feeling confused.

What decision is the right decision? For you?

When you are so used to taking on everyone else’s advice, it can feel exhausting, as your head is spinning from all the options and you don’t really know which one is the right one. You don’t want to make a mistake. Like, maybe you did in the past.

For example, I’m working with a client right now on a career change. And all the opinions outside are looking at opportunities, career prospects, money prospects. And they’re all good arguments. But none of them are lighting her up really, and in her own head she’s getting into justification and confusing. What to do!?

The thing is unless you truly listen to yourself you will end up actually living your life based on other people’s opinions. And, do you know what?

You can never get it right.
It never feels good enough… As there’s always someone who disapproves of your decision. And that can make you feel panicked.

“Oh no, I’ve done something wrong.”
“I’ve made a mistake.”
“It’s all going to go wrong now.”

Listening to yourself means you know what is right for you. It’s not about what others want, trying to please them. It’s about serving your heart and feeding your soul.

And once you listen to yourself, you know what you true deep values are and you live your life by those values, instead of other people’s values.

Often I find my people-pleaser clients are the ones who have injected other people’s values in them so deeply, that they are not sure who they really are anymore. And that is the definition of a lost soul…

So here’s a quick starter guide on how to start listening to yourself:

Connect to yourself more deeply – not your head but start to embody your actual body – that’s where your true wisdom lies.

Stop asking so many people’s opinions and start to ask yourself a question and let it just sit with it and meditate on that question and see what comes up – it may come as a feeling, a knowing, a thought. It doesn’t justify itself or come up with pros and cons, it just is and it is.

Find out what your true values are and live your life by these values, not other people’s.

And remember:

This is your life.
You are the only one you should be living it for.

With so much love


Kelly Morgan

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