A magical yet groundbreaking 4 day challenge to understand how you manifest from your energy field BEFORE your thoughts and feelings – you will work with fairy tale themes such as ‘Cinderella’s Shoe’ to discover whose energy is affecting your point of attraction and ‘The Emporers New Clothes ‘ Don’t worry you’l be keeping yours on this is FUN but powerful and I have used this to change the lives of life coaches entrepreneurs and conscious people all around the world we hope you love it.

Sheila Wright
Sheelagh Maria is a international author channel and energy worker she hears angels guides and star beings and her life was changed when Michael spoke out loud to her and saved her son 20 mins from death, Sheelagh teaches people how to work with energy to change their lives in simple life changing ways she teaches people to understand their life purpose and how to manifest in line with this for fast results. You can find out more about Sheelagh and her work at:

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