Are You or Someone You Love LGBTQ?
It’s Time for All of Us TO be Proud of Who We Are!

Listen to this panel of members of the LGBTQ community as they discuss unity and equality

The PPC Training Library is designed to help you create exposure for your brand within the community. It’s a powerful feature that can really help you grow your business.

In This Video You’ll Learn…

  • What is full equality and why do we need it
  • How equality will affect the world as we know it
  • How to unify the world one community at a time
  • And more…

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Pete Cossaboon, known as The Angel Encourager, is an Angelic Intuitive Medium.  Since 2014 after going through a radical shift in his own personal Spirituality, he has been helping individual clients, a few pets, and groups to tap into the wisdom from the Archangels and transitioned soul energy.  His clients have experienced physical, mental, and emotional healing leading to an increase in joy, peace, tranquility, happiness, and all over wellness. Believing there is so much beyond "The Secret", an avid follower of Abraham Hicks, Tony Robbins, Oprah, Ellen, and so many other teachers, Pete has taken the knowledge and intuition from mentors on this Earthly plain and from the higher realms to bring radical Love to this world.  His Spiritual connection combined with his voracious appetite in studying quantum physics and his degree in Mathematics has given him a view of the world that makes his teachings relevant and timely. Believing this world is starving for leaders, he has taken on the role of mentor to teach and heal a world in pain and suffering.