The most important thing today is that I feel good.
That is line I write down in my journal each morning. I’ve been doing this for more than six years.
That sets the tone. That makes everything okay. I set my focus on feeling good.
The better I feel, the better my life unfolds; the better my life unfolds, the better life unfolds for all those around me.
My feeling good spreads. My feeling good can help lift everyone else. The same is true for you. This is not selfish, this is being of service. If I focus on making others feeling good and make it a priority above feeling good myself, I am depleted. My energy goes down. My vibration goes down. I feel the weight of being responsible for how other people feel upon me. We can only be responsible for how we feel.
Deciding that the most important thing today is that I feel good isn’t saying that I feel as good as yesterday, or better than yesterday, or that this must be the best day of my life. There is no pressure. The most important thing today is that I feel good. It is an intention, a mantra, a reminder. It doesn’t guarantee I’m going to feel good all day, but if I notice I’m not feeling good in any moment and allow myself to remember that the most important thing is that I feel good, I can make a new choice, I can choose a new thought, I can uplift myself.
So that is why I believe the most important thing today is that I feel good. Have you ever taken the time to think about what the most important thing for you is? Try feeling good and let me know how it goes.
Andy Grant is a best-selling author, award-winning speaker, Transformational Energy Coach, and Akashic Records Reader and suicide prevention activist. He holds certificates in Positive Psychology, the Enwaken Coaching System, Akashic Records, Soul Entrainment, Infinite Possibilities and Reiki, as well as other leadership programs and energy work modalities. Andy is committed to helping people in emotional pain realize how magnificent life is meant to be. For more information visit

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