If everything is energy, then let’s begin tuning our creative abilities to dance with frequencies.

This is in part what Nikola Tesla was aware of, although I think it likely occurred differently to him. In my view, isolating frequencies is as simple as recognizing different notes being played by different instruments in a symphony. We have the capacity to hear different notes each as a unique tone and still enjoy the symphony as a whole.

Our five big physical senses have been taught in a way that dominates our awareness. There is so much more. Often the “more” is lumped into one big drawer called intuition or “sixth sense”. You have the ability to recognize infinite senses when you are willing to explore the information your senses provide.

Consider for a moment when you feel anger. Does anger always feel the same? Is it always that same flavor of anger? Or does it feel different at different times?

Do you ever feel sadness in the anger? Have you ever noticed frustration in the anger and an absence of sadness?

What about happy? Does happy always feel the same?

Of course not. That’s because everything we sense is part of a symphony of information being communicated through our sensory instrument, our body. Willingness to see life from this perspective opens the way to navigating from sensory awareness rather than analytical structure. It also opens the way to a natural ability to work directly with light to create, change and re-generate your world.

Earlier today I was sitting in a cafe. My body felt very heavy and tired. Rather than just lament the way it feels, I began exploring the information provided by “heavy and tired.: What kind of tired is this? How does the body respond to this flavor of tired?

I let myself relax and gave my mind a free pass to not think about the answers. I watched the sensations move through my body. New awareness came to me with a new sensation: “I’m scared!”

Ah! This tired has fear in it! So, I relaxed again and tuned in to the particular flavor of this fear. In other words, I let myself become aware of how the fear feels. Moments ago I wasn’t aware that I was carrying this fear in my body. Once I am aware, I bring my attention to it for clarity and for the opportunity to dis-identify from it and watch it dissolve.

This particular fear was one that felt like eons of cultural pressure to never stand out, never be visible, never rock the boat, never make anyone uncomfortable. It feels like planet-sized blocks of gray plaster sitting in and on my energy bodies and physical body.

Becoming aware of this sense of density and seeing that it is different than the tone of my pure light-heart is what I mean by isolating the frequency. I see it for what it is and recognize that it is not my essence. I can still feel the dense frequency, and I know that it is not “me”. Once the frequency is isolated, I can address it with higher frequencies that dissolve it without any drama.

The “higher frequencies that dissolve it” come forth by opening my heart, relaxing and not holding on to the density as if I might be missing something without it.

“Dissolving density” happens naturally when we are not holding on with our thoughts, judgments or fears. Most of the time the holding on happens at unconscious levels. We hold on because an ego/mind thinks keeping the fear alive provides a service. After all, at one time, the fear actually did serve – otherwise it wouldn’t be there. So let’s be kind as we recognize that fear was learned. With compassion, let’s recognize that fear is not “human nature”.

Begin learning to isolate frequencies by being very honest with yourself about what you feel, whether it’s physical, emotional or beyond. Transparency with yourself generates an intimate friendship between the mind, the body and the heart.

As we evolve into a new paradigm of awareness and consciousness, tools and awareness like this begin providing a way through the jungle of fear, shame and judgment that can fog up the lenses. As we walk toward a lighter way of being, there is tremendous simplicity when we actually live as if everything is energy. This awareness IS human nature – founded on and generating simplicity and lightness of being.

When you feel emotions, when you feel sensations, consider taking a look at them as if they are notes in a symphony. A symphony exists is to impart an experience, to invoke the full range of feelings and sensations. Some are enjoyable, others not so much. Yet every experience carries information through tones and frequencies that touch our awareness because we each have this amazing instrument called a body. Your awareness is designed to use the information provided by the body – many just have not yet received this education.

The time is now. The tools are here. Your heart is calling you toward wellness and ease, not just for yourself but for the whole. Play with life as the energy that it is! Hold on to nothing, and let yourself use the information that is here for you. Get familiar with the lightness of your heart and shine it out ahead of you as you go. Your willingness to see things as they are, absent of judgment, dissolves even the most dense thought patterns, revealing to you your own natural light-beingness to enjoy and to share.

Kerri Lake is a gifted speaker, writer, and guide for navigating life without violence. She is a natural "servant leader" whose presence empowers others to their own greatness. Her first book, Listen Like A Horse: Relationships Without Dominance, touches the hearts of friends, parents, professionals, facilitators, leaders and healers in many walks of life. She is recognized as a new and unique voice for humanity to know love and kindness in all relationships. She has created Generation Of Harmony to provide education, tools and guidance for people to know the value of their unique presence in the world. Kerri travels to teach Tools For An Awakening World. She speaks about how each individual is a vast resource for cultural change and provides pragmatic ways to use our awareness to bring about changes that complement all of life. Her innate ability to connect and communicate with the animal kingdom and nature is the foundation of all that she shares. Kerri is available for animal communication and healing, human communication and healing, and facilitation to help individuals embody their own highest states of consciousness in this life with grace.

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