Peace is one thing that most people would like more of in their lives. I’m talking about personal peace, our internal peace, not world peace. However, the more we can accomplish personal peace, I propose that “outer” peace is automatic from a personal perspective. Here’s my explanation:

Peace is simply the absence of stress or tension. Tension is caused by inflexible differences or positions. Think of pulling on two ends of a rubber band. The more you pull and hold in one direction, the more tension there is. Within our minds, the internal differences are the result of judgments. Judgments of good vs. bad, better vs. worse, right vs. wrong, light vs. dark, left vs. right, etc. When these judgments are held firmly, tension has to exist. Our judgments are a personal choice. It may seem difficult, but if we can let go of judgments, we become more flexible, tensions disappear, and peace begins to prevail. The easiest way to let go of a judgment is to transcend the subject by accepting both sides of the tension. This can only be done by choosing to think differently. It does not mean giving up the way you choose to live your life, only how and what you think about the differences in life.

Tension is also caused by “specialness” in personal relationships. Of course we can say that each one of us are special because of our uniqueness, but that’s not what I am referring to here. I’m referring to setting ourselves up as “the only one” for any kind of relationship or position in life. If we think that we are “the only one”, or “better than”, we exclude everyone else because they aren’t. And here again, judgment and tension enters the picture. Again, it does not mean giving up the way you choose to live your life, only how and what you think about your position in life and any expectations that may be included.

The amazing result of this kind of transcendent thinking, besides personal peace, is an open heart – letting out and accepting in, an incredible amount of truly benevolent love. – By Mark Carter of @LivinForFunForLife

Mark Carter
Mark teaches & coaches Playing The Matrix with Infinite Possibilities & LivinForFun. A fun daily process for engaging life so that life can happen for you! Click here to learn more about Mark and his programs

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