Do you know the theory of 20 – 80 with the icebergs?

According to it only 20 % of an iceberg is visible – 80 % of it is hidden under the surface.

In spring 2015 I drew a Mira(cle)Doodle about it when my doodles first started to get attention in the social media.




I had a strong feeling of not letting those hidden strengths hide anymore inside me..




It begun a journey of doodling and hosting my own online community. Little did I know what it would really feel, when you put your lights on fully and let them shine! Amazing!



I followed my heart with my lights on and sometimes it just happened that having your lights on..




..made those underlying, deeply rooted beliefs, the monsters that lurk in the bottom of that sea, become curious.


They showed themselves and I had the opportunity to greet them and tell them that I will go on – even though they are there.

And what I found out to be the most powerful ally with those monsters was community.

My own group in facebook and now Project Positive Change have shone their lights with me on the monsters and the feeling of doing this together – this awesome journey called life – has made those monsters humble.

I even met people who can help me with those monsters and change them into something that serves me better.


My un-comfort zone has become more comfortable and those monsters have turned into butterflies which flutter in my tummy now. Yikes, I let them lead!



Join us here in PPC and help its light shine on your monsters too!

“Your message is too important not to share” (Sandra Pilarczyk) – Put the lights on and enjoy!

Elina Puohiniemi
An artist and a life coach combined - Elina Puohiniemi from Finland - is illustrating the spiritual path with joyful, uncomplicated, colorful Mira(cle)Doodles.

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