Abby Wilkes photographer
Abby Wilkes photographer

Abby Wilkes is an international award-winning personal branding and intuitive photographer. She has photographed many Project Positive Change events in the UK and Europe.

Dutch and living in the UK she’s flown in from all over the world for personal branding photography, social media imagery and retreats.

Photography is key in showing your personality for your brand, exposing the fire and passion within your Body language and seeing your authenticity like you’ve never seen yourself before.

She says: “It’s all about the person, the passion and the power of the moment. This requires a commitment to relationship, trust and the energetic/spiritual connection occurring. I get you, completely. With my quick eye for beauty, light and the essence of your being, my enthusiasm and fun spirit, I really bring out your soul. I love the camera, and I love the process, and most of all I’m enthralled by you”.

Some words from  testimonials

‘…Every time Abby posted a photo, I could FEEL the essence of the person or place coming through. From the moment we had our first pre photo shoot session, Abby and I had an instant connection; She got me… The moment I got my photos I was literally shaking…so excited! And when I saw them… I actually cried. Perfect. Me. Wow. What a gift. Thank you Abby … Pure Genius.’  Karin Monster-Peters

‘…If you know me, you will know I hate having my photograph taken… I swallowed my fear and self consciousness and handed myself over to her beautiful, warm and very capable hands and allowed myself to be led by her. Then it was all over – until I saw the photographs – it was like look at my souls. She brought out something from deep within – they are beautiful, I am beautiful; she caught me very essence.  Alison Sara McGinlay

Abby Wilkes

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