Anni Kemp is an artist and change ally for her clients. Life is simply a series of changes and using this foundation she helps her clients understand and direct their lives through intention. Anni has had a lot of experience with change in her life having lived in more than twenty homes in ten different countries, working in a corporate position and becoming an entrepreneur, not to mention the changes she experienced in romantic and familial relationships. Anni uses her knowledge, experiences, successes and challenges to support her clients to understand their life through three distinct lenses; human, energetic and spiritual.

Anni was born and lives in the United State, lived nineteen years in Europe and Asia and travels extensively. Her natural born empathetic nature and passion for travel have both enhanced her relationship, desire and ability to align with her clients intentions. While having an understanding of diversity and learning about her clients without judgement, she leads clients to understand their lives, new perspectives and self acceptance.

As a certified Teacher and Practitioner of Interior Alignment®, a domestic school of Feng Shui, Anni is able to help her clients transform their homes and workspaces into havens to help create what they want in their lives. She leads with an understanding that when we intentionally create an environment that is aligned with what we are seeking, we access a deeper and more powerful flow of change and manifestation. This has been proven to Anni over and over again with her work with clients and their successes for over ten years. Clients have successfully sold their homes, found fulfilling relationships and released limiting beliefs which all resulted in clients finding self empowerment and confidence to continue improving their lives.

As an intentional artist, Anni helps her clients by creating custom artwork that they can put in their homes and offices to stimulate and support their intentions. Her artwork is multi-layered; combining written affirmations with powerful symbology for a one-of-a-kind piece that consciously and subconsciously inspires the client to manifest the changes they are seeking in their lives.

Anni Kemp


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