Caroline Palmy is an Author, Speaker and Heart Flow Healer.

Born in Basel in North Western Switzerland, the town on the border to Germany and France. Always having a very analytical mind, she learned analytical programming and worked in a bank, later as a business manager, before having children. She chose to be a full time Mom and enjoy motherhood to the fullest, now they are adults and a teenager.

When her marriage broke apart and they separated Early 2009, She was shaken to the core and woke up one day in my living room, having no idea who she was anymore.

“I realized I bend over backwards just to make this marriage work. I gave up myself completely just to try and make my husband happy, an impossible task.”

So the beautiful journey to reconnect with herself began.

“I was turning 40 that year, and I had been with this man for 20 years, so half my life. Now it was time to go back to my teenage years, the years before I met this man, and reconnect with Caroline, the Caroline I used to be before I gave myself up.”

In 2018 she published her first book, sharing all those stories, with the aim to inspire other women and mothers.

Conversations With Me

She was thrilled and super happy to win an award for this book.

After going into a new relationship and falling deeply in love and desperately hoping this would be a surrogate father for her children, she was devastated when this ended after 2 years. This took her to another low and made her realise she hadn’t healed from her divorce and marriage of 20 years. She shares this in her second book, published May 6th 2019

Loving Conversations With Me

During those time she looked for a new purpose as her children got older and she felt it was time to do something more with life.

“I took some coaching sessions, did Yoga, Meditations and read many spiritual books. I also started to go to Angel classes. However it took a bump on my head to finally start my own business. In January 2013 I had a bad skating accident that ended with a bad concussion and whip lash. The pain killers only made me nauseous, so I asked around on FB, about holistic treatments for concussion and whip lash, people mentioned EFT and Pranic Healing, I had not heard of either of those before, so I googled it, and found an Pranic Healing practicioner close by, and went for a treatment, I was amazed and I loved it, the same practicioner also offered a basic course two months later, so I opted in, and started to learn all about Pranic Healing. This was the first time I did something for myself, I asked my Mom to look after the children, so I could take the courses, and it felt good, to learn and do something just for me. The same with EFT, I started to study all about EFT, and many extra courses, I was thrilled and amazed how healing those modalities can be.”

Learning that she was an empath and introvert was a revelation as she was always told she was too sensitive and needed to toughen up. But she has embraced this gift and it helps her with her clients.

After connecting with Angels and offering Angelic Healing and Coaching Caroline stepped into her own power and modality which she calls Heart Flow Healing. Clearing pain and hurt to feel the love again and be in the flow. Now an author and speaker Caroline is healing hearts as she encourages you to ‘be in the flow of love’.

Caroline Palmy




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