Corinne L. Casazza is a best-selling author, ghost writer and writing mentor who helps heart-centered people write books.  

Her clients come from all walks of life – they’re entrepreneurs: mediums and healers, life coaches, attorneys and others – but whatever their calling, they all write books that transform the lives of others.  They want to make a difference in people’s lives but may not know where to start. Corinne helps them clarify their message, get writing and complete a manuscript.  

Corrine started writing at age eight and never looked back. After college she couldn’t find a job as a writer or editor that paid enough for me to move out on her own so I started working in high tech.

Eventually landing a job managing a monthly magazine for business partners of the high tech company she worked for. It allowed her to learn to project manage and edit the work of other writers while supporting and influencing them. 

After several years at the company she went to Arizona and met a woman at church who ran a company that took people on tours of sacred sites around the world and held personal growth conferences in Sedona.

She joined her company and wrote marketing and web content, magazine articles, and press releases. Travelling the world she went to Glastonbury, U.K., the Mexican Riviera and her all time favorite, Egypt! 

After 6 years enjoyable years she returned to Boston to be close to family and through a personal journey started her own business supporting other writers.

Corinne lives in sunny Florida with her trusty mascot, Harley, enjoying the white sand beaches and swaying palm trees. 

Corinne L. Casazza


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