Mira Elina Puohiniemi

Staring with her big green eyes, bewildered, but at the same time in awe, a little girl called Mira takes her heart’s hand in hers and hears a quiet whisper. Finally those loud ringing shrieks of her ego, a lizard, draw her attention no more. Mira takes a first step, then another and here begins a journey that turns her ego’s obscure ways into whimsy and fun because that’s what life becomes when you follow your heart.

Mira(cle)Doodles are illustrations from a spiritual path. Their uncomplicated but deep insights tell a story of choosing love over fear. It is said that they are little love bombs that make your ego relax and help you have faith in the goodness of the universe.

These charming doodles are created by Finnish artist and life coach Elina Puohiniemi, aka elinap, who loves to dive deep with her life, find ways to follow her heart more and more each day, and eat her ice cream in -20 °C (-4°F) weather, outdoors of course.

In her 40 years of life she has made her dreams come true in many ways, not only with a long nourishing marriage and spending time with her husband and two sons, but also by devoting her life to her art.

When her home quiets down in the morning, she pours herself a warm cup of white tea and sits down at her desk to study. The daily practice her wellbeing is dependent on involves chatting with her soul. That’s what she says drawing her doodle character Mira is about. Mira’s conversations with her heart soothe elinap’s soul and feeds it too. In the end she draws these doodles for herself to understand life and Love in a deeper way.

The biggest dream she has ever had for herself and what she strongly believes in is becoming an author. At the age of 20 she figured out the three most important themes in her life and has let them lead her way ever since (they had lead her life that far, so why not commit to them for good). These themes are: creativity, happy children and nature. They are what she is about at her core. Creativity is the means, happy children are her mission whether it’s about children she spends time

with or the inner children her doodles resonate with, and nature is her happy place. All three make her life blissed.

The lowest low point in her life was when she quit drawing for years. Elinap still kept her creativity going with molding yarn with her hook and creating her own crocheting patterns or sewing things for children, but this low point in her life was caused by forgetting to take care of herself. She had forgotten to ask her heart where to go next and what to do. So even though all the three core themes were nurtured in her life, something was missing; she wasn’t feeling alright. Without chatting with her soul, her ego got loud, demanding her to beat herself up, and curl up in a ball of shame even though everything on the outside seemed to be okay. This went on until one day her kids asked her to draw for them, and she took a pen in her hand like a long-lost friend. She drew like a three-year-old but the kids didn’t mind. Enough time had passed so that she didn’t mind either although she had been able to draw realistic portraits during her art school years. Now she drew for fun. She started challenging herself more each day and finally got out of her rut when she created a three week long coaching program for herself in 2010. In just three weeks she was able to connect back with the three most important themes in her life, with her heart and with her dream. She started to live it again. Next she qualified as a certified life coach and master coach, and on top of that found A Course in Miracles.

What’s special about elinap is that when she was ten years old, she figured out that she learns best when she draws. It’s like she handles information through her pen. So she drew through all her studies and then found herself drawing through A Course in Miracles Workbook too. One day she suddenly met Mira in her study journals. Mira popped out of her pen in 2014 and has appeared in thousands of doodles ever since.

The first Mira(cle)Doodles book elinap self-published was a coloring book with coaching questions to help the reader meditate by coloring and find her truths from deep within so that her dreams could come true. Now she’s up to publishing more books, and shares her progress with her patrons at Patreon like she did with her first book. For an introverted, highly sensitive artist, creating this safe space to share has worked the best for her compared to all the fast-paced social media channels where you can feel lonelier than lonely even though there are millions of people around you.

Elinap believes that everyone deserves to be seen and heard as they are. That’s what ultimately her Mira(cle)Doodles series is inspiring the reader to experience – When you get to know your ego and begin to hear the gentle whispers of your heart, you are seen and heard by You. And that’s enough because that’s when your life begins to really feel right.

Enjoy your first dose of Mira(cle)Doodles at www.elinap.me/miracledoodles

Besides doodling, elinap has also worked as a graphic designer and illustrator, creating her first logo for a client at the age of 11. Her illustrations have helped highlight the core messages in books, blogs and other educational materials for her clients, because she likes to dive de

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