Helena Heart works as graphic and web designer. She helps her clients communicate who they are and connect with their soul clients with her technical support. Helena has an eye for inspiring, light-filled design and works with beautiful souls from all around the world from a tiny village nestled in wild nature. She builds websites with WordPress and Divi, an intuitive page builder that makes it fun to create content, both for her and her clients. Her clients receive access to her e-course on Divi and WordPress, empowering them to grow and blossom their biz.

Nature and creativity has been Helena’s passion from an early age. Connecting with nature on a daily basis helps her feel calm, present and balanced so she can carry out her work in the best way. She works intuitively and feels what works well for a client’s website through connecting with them. She creates custom designed websites, but also helps many souls to create their own beautiful websites with the Divine Website Pack, a DIY solution that makes the journey easy and intuitive.

Helena has also created a Free Image Library, where she curates, collates and enhances free images shared by talented photographers around the world. She explains: “I love searching for and collecting these images, and giving them a little extra magic. Inspiring radiant images help my clients and friends spread their message and connect with their audience. All together we are spreading more light and love in the world.” The images in the Free Image Library are free to use for blogging, websites, social media and other marketing materials. Helena’s aim is to make it easy for anyone to create beautiful light-filled websites and marketing materials.

Helena shares:  “Helping people to become free, doing what they love is such an important thing for me. I believe that the more people create their life on their own terms, following their passion, the more beautiful the world will be. We all have our purpose, and if we follow it we make ourselves and many others very happy. We are here to share our gifts. I am so excited to help people create a life they love, communicate who they are online, through creating a site for them or helping them to create their website themselves.”

Already for 10 years, Helena and her husband Dave live in beautiful and wild Bulgaria, where nature is still wild and free. Helena adds: “Moving to a small village, where there is peace and quiet, where we have a large garden, like-minded people around us, where our daughter can grow up wild and free as well, has always been a big dream for us. We can run our business from anywhere. We have learnt so much while creating our dream life, and I’m excited about helping others do the same. Creating the heart-shaped life website is another dream come true. With this platform I want to share what I have learnt, and create a space for others to share their wisdom on this topic: a life of balance, presence, inspiration, doing what you love, connected to nature and your inner voice.” At the heart-shaped life website, Helena shares interviews, book reviews and free printable cards, next to her Heart-shaped Life Program. 

Find out more about Helena at https://websiteswithaheart.com/

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