Julie’s work has always been people oriented. From her early days in customer service roles to her 20+year career in Human Resources Management, she has had an interest in people. Her HR career gave her many opportunities to gain insight into employee engagement, to hold space for challenges that employees and managers faced and to hone her listening skills. Many people have come through her door, some needing a solution and some just needing to be heard.

Today, Julie’s passion and purpose lies in helping people understand the impact their mindset and thought processes have on their own life experiences.  Believing that our minds hold the key to either our happiness or our suffering she helps others re-think, rewrite and reclaim a better life.

Don’t be fooled by her small stature and self proclaimed introversion.  Julie shows up in a big way for her clients by offering a depth of discovery that connects the way they think to the results they are receiving.  This is where strategy meets the soul.  Her process is methodical but the outcome is soulful.

Julie Noles – State of Mind Coaching


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