Since age 3 Kerri Lake has been aware that there is a profoundly different way to “do life,” that ultimately our purpose for being alive is to love. Growing up as a gifted child in a well-meaning suburban family with no tolerance for sensitivity, her life became a universe of conflict between divine clarity and social expectations. By age 24 she was distraught and chose to die consciously rather than continue in a world with so little social kindness. Her visit with death restored her heart to remember how much she loves being here! Renewed in her heart, she still had eons of real social patterns to walk through, including a marriage that ended when she had to call the police for help. No matter how intense the situation became, her visit with death reminded her of the love that exists here and why she came into a body in the first place. After walking away from the marriage, she began applying divine wisdom in new ways, using awareness to divinitize difficult situations rather than escape them, and has since transformed every aspect of her life to experience and generate harmony. 

Today Kerri teaches intuitive self-awareness for pragmatic life both in-person and online. She works with clients 1-1 and in groups bringing human awareness to what is common among us – the heart of love. Her clients represent all walks of life. Sharing from pure consciousness and personal experience, her priority is to empower you to know your own heart, to re-educate the mind so it’s happy to be in service to the heart, and to provide profoundly simple tools of awareness for you to know your divine nature without abandoning your physical truths.  Kerri has published three books and offers her tools, experience and wisdom in multi-day events that are offered internationally, integrating the wisdom and profoundly benevolent heart of creation with the true heart of humanity. 

Kerri has published three books, available on her website and Her first book, “Listen Like A Horse: Relationships Without Dominance” has been developed into a multi-day course that is requested around the world. “A Sense Of Self,” Kerri’s second book, is a collection of short writings that Kerri wrote from her own wisdom when she needed help and found nobody around to guide her. Her most recent publication is “Spiritually Gifted.” An autobiography/memoir revealing the emotional confusion of a gifted child in an insensitive world, Spiritually Gifted invites you straight into Kerri’s childhood logic while offering insight and clarity from her current abilities as a teacher and guide. 

You can attend one of Kerri’s in-person events around the world, or join the global community in her monthly teleconferences. As Kerri evolves on her own journey, she shares the tools, wisdom and courage it takes to live fully committed to create and live from your heart. Through applying mindfulness with creativity, wisdom and heart, you can create relationships of ease and grace. You can live in alignment with your divine essence. You can know how it feels to truly be loved, whole and complete. You come to know what you truly enjoy and watch that enjoyment only grow. You can know how to flourish in life without expectations. 

Ultimately, Kerri’s mission is to educate and empower a new form of leadership among humanity that is founded in what is common among us, applying our unique and diverse talents to move our global community in the direction of wellness for all of life.

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