Marianne McGuire’s work comes from a profound spiritual experience she had as a small child where she was shown certain fundamental universal truths; the truth behind this reality; about how life works, who we really are, the nature of time and polarity. She was aware that there existed something so far beyond this physical reality, so inexplicably beautiful, even beyond our idea of heaven and that it is all around us and within us. She knew that this physical reality where we live our everyday lives was only the tiniest part of what is true.

The essence of this spiritual experience; this pure “information” is facilitating her mission; to nudge you into remembrance of the magnificence of who you really are.

Now she guides people to stop seeking and start living from who they really are, by recognizing and letting go of the false self, then deeply connecting with Divine guidance and expressing their truth and creativity, so that they can live from a peaceful, joyous place of knowing their purpose and can finally relax into life and enjoy experiencing the creative, fulfilling, juicy lives they were born to live.

Marianne is an artist and profits from her work go towards providing a loving home for forgotten horses at Free to Be Horse Sanctuary

Marianne McGuire (Let Go and Know®)

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