In my work as animal communicator I come across these recurring themes, things that come up over and over again.

One of those themes is mirroring. When I send in the report from a session a lot of times the owner responds: Are you sure you read my pet? Or did you read me?

The first few times I was like what? Really? No, I talked to the animal, right? Now that I have more experience I find that several things can be going on:

1: Your pet is mirroring you, to give you guidance, lessons.

2: You have chosen your pet (or it has chosen you!) because you recognise the energy, you are similar. Or have shared past lives.

3: There are certain traits in your pet you find attractive, probably because you need to develop them yourselves.

For instance: dogs are very loyal, they are known for their unconditional love. Lots of times people that have been hurt by other people say: I’d rather be with my dog(s), they will never hurt me on purpose. But are you loyal and loving towards yourself? The way you treat yourself influences your relationships with others.

Cats are very good at taking care of themselves, and they are generally more the introverts. So people that have trouble with getting out there tend to be “cat” persons. Also interesting to see there that people sometimes have a lot of cats, and I mean a lot…. And that whilst cats are not really group animals, with individual exceptions of course. Is there a hidden need for company there?

Horses will challenge you on your authenticity and natural leadership. Yes, you can break a horse, but if you get the horse to work with you it is so much more rewarding, and you get to really learn to stand in your strength. So, are you using will power to get others to do what you want, or are you working with them. And there are many more examples I could give.

The same goes for power animals or totem animals. The animals that are guiding you portrait certain trades or qualities you need/want, or admire. Native people call this medicine, from Nature’s teachers. The Eagle has the vision, sees the bigger picture. Bears are the Mother Earth energy, very nurturing. Wolves hunt in packs, work together. Ravens and Crows are messengers from the source. Spiders are weaving their own web. And so on 🙂

Because of all this mirroring, more and more coaching and therapeutic work with animals is being done. Especially with dogs and horses. And although it can be really great work, maybe your coach is already sitting next to you on the couch 🙂

Another thing I have noticed is that when I am working through certain themes in my life I tend to get certain clients, humans and animals, on my path. So my work is not only providing mirroring for my clients, but also for myself! When I am talking to a pet it can even give me a personal message or hold a mirror in front of me 😀

And that’s why I love what I do, it’s so rewarding. I get so much more out of it then payment in the form of money.

And really, anything in the natural world can act as a mirror, not only pets or totem animals. What to think of your personal relationships? But also wild animals, trees, flowers, herbs, clouds, seasons. And people you admire, leaders, actors, artists. Really, anything 🙂

It’s great when you start looking at things like that, because then you will start to (self-)reflect and realise that real changes can only happen if you are willing to look at yourself and change. Finger pointing and blaming others, society, “life”, will not get you further on your path. Take these valuable lessons that are given to you and make the change you want to see in the world. Be the change. And then look in the mirror again. Like what you see? I sure hope so 🙂

Did you like reading this? Are you interested in finding out if your pet is a mirror to you? I’d love to get in contact with you and your pet to see what lessons are in there for you. And how this can also help you understand and help your pet better in return!

Visit my website to see what is available for you.

Happy mirroring!



Diana is taking a step back at the moment to rediscover who she is and what makes her heart truly sing.

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