Personal power doesn’t come from being helped, it comes from being inspired. That is why you need to stop helping people! I appreciate that this may sound harsh, maybe even controversial, but hear me out.

If I had one wish in the world, it would be for everyone to be happy. I’m not afraid to say that I am often brought to tears by the thought of anyone being unhappy or unfulfilled. I literally feel my heart break.

In the past I would have done so much to help these people – at the expense of my own time and energy, because I desperately wanted them to feel better. But there is one fundamental flaw with that. Not everyone feels the way I do. Not everyone wants to be different/saved/healthier/happier/richer. I was projecting my desires for life on them.

The book that made me understand inspiration Vs. help

Earlier this year I read the book, The Science of Getting Rich by Wallace Wattles. Everything changed for me. There is a section in the book where he basically says,

“Our job is not to feed the poor. Our job is to get rich, and to teach the poor how to get rich”.

It’s pretty much the same as, “give a man a fish and he’ll eat for a day. Teach a man to fish and he’ll eat for life”.

My outlook immediately changed. I threw myself in to the new role of INSPIRING change rather than HELPING. Most of us have choices. Many of them are not easy. In fact I’ve had a saying since my divorce – “most often the right decisions are the most difficult.”

As the saying goes, “We are NOT a victim of our circumstance. We are a victim of our consciousness”.

How can you put this in action?

I just want to give you a few examples of his this could look.

In my work, I coach a lot of “Nurturer” archetypes. The clue is in the name. They are literally created to help. They have limited boundaries around their time and energy. They find it easy to put everyone else ahead of themselves. It’s exhausting both energetically and financially.

But what if they built new boundaries and…….

  • Created a free/low cost online programme that was available to those in financial need
  • Ran a free workshop every month to teach people how to write a CV; use the Law of Attraction; learn interpersonal skills or use EFT to remove limiting blocks
  • Paid for 10 homeless people per week to get a shower, haircut and meal
  • Taught people how to grow their own food
  • Provided some free education around health and well being

This kind of INSPIRED action is HELPING to lift people out of their current situation – if they wish to do so. And that is the most important thing. Not everyone will want to change.

The book that made me realise inspiring others means being brave

Inspiring others takes courage. You need to be able to say what others dare not. You need to own your voice, own your method and own your results. Thanks to “The Prosperous Coach” I feel like I have permission to honour this now. 2 main learnings:

  1. It’s ok to do it my way. I am becoming more and more rebelled by the “blue print strategy” that is saturating social media. I miss real connection. I miss relationships. I want to actually see my clients go through the transformation process. Less is more – thank you, I needed that space.
  2. If you really want to inspire your clients, you need to be prepared to say what other people may not. I’ll be honest, I spent the first 5 years in my business trying to protect the feelings of my clients. I didn’t want to be the one to point out the truth. I didn’t want to be the one to call them out on their BS story. I didn’t want to be the one to question what they were saying to me.

But if I want to be in total service to my clients, I must. It is my duty to show them what is possible if they get out of their own way. That sometimes has to come with a big of #toughlove.

So I urge you, think about reframing “helping” to “inspiring”.  If we want to actually help change someone’s reality, we need to lead the way and show them how.

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Hi. I'm Louise and I work with women to turn their ideas in to abundance, with ease and flow. My gift is helping you re-discover and monetise your voice and your gifts so that you can live the life you dream of. I believe in creating Lifepreneurs - committing to showing up and living fully in all areas of life, from spiritual to financial. Working with me allows you to identify and remove all the crap that is holding you back, revealing your truest and highest potential and living in that power every day. My big loves? Weights, woo and wine (not always in that order!)

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