Since grade school I’ve struggled with debilitating anxiety/ panic attacks, sugar cravings, overeating and low body image. Over time I learned how to deal with my anxiety/panic attacks, but frustrated to be in my 40’s and realizing I haven’t really moved forward much since grade school. I still had sugar cravings, overate and a low body image, in addition to the physical symptoms that have manifested now as well. I learned how to deal with these issues, but I haven’t resolved them. Not the life I imagined for myself.

I tend to stay in a logical frame of mind, so when my symptoms became unbearable I first started with food changes, because it made sense. This was huge, I couldn’t believe how quickly I felt better without the foods that irritated my body, particularly my brain as I use to have on-going brain fog.My biggest hurdle was still cravings, specifically sugar, which triggered me to overeat. I was confused, I’m on this incredibly clean diet, and still dealing with sugar cravings. I always had a tendency towards low blood sugar or hypoglycemia, and it appeared this was getting worse. Some days I couldn’t even focus when I started to get hungry and my blood sugar dropped.

I had to address my physical symptoms at a deeper level. For example, I was already on two thyroid medications and my T3 uptake still wasn’t in the functional range. This impacts metabolism and energy. (To fully understand your thyroid, make sure you get the full thyroid panel drawn. Refer to this post
Ann Louise Gittleman (2015) explains in her book “Eat Fat, Lose Weight”, if you have a sluggish thyroid, your body may produce too much insulin and trigger low blood sugar or hypoglycemia. This causes intense cravings. Also, if your adrenals are imbalanced, excess cortisol is secreted which can block the thyroid T4 to T3 conversion and cause a sluggish thyroid. There it was, a sluggish thyroid can impact cravings, even with two thyroid medications my thyroid was sluggish and my cortisol was depleted.

In addition, if the liver isn’t properly detoxifying, it will lead to hunger, cravings and weight loss resistance. I knew my liver wasn’t detoxing properly because I have MTHFR and SNPs (single nucleotide polymorphisms) in my genetic makeup. These are important tests to identify if your detox pathways may be impaired.

One final piece; the mind, emotions, thoughts or a lack of feeling connected to a larger purpose can take the limelight over the perfect food choices and supplements or medications. This can leave you feeling stuck or that you don’t have self control. I continue to work on the mind.

The focuses outlined below is how I addressed my physical symptoms, cravings, overeating and body image;

  • The foods I choose are more important than calories
  • Getting clear on the root causes of my health challenges
  • Never give up, each step brought me to what I needed next for healing
  • Keep moving closer to what your soul wants for its career-life purpose
  • Lastly, forgiving myself for not being perfect

I sought out the guidance of practitioners, coaches and healers on my journey to support me in reaching what I wanted for my life. What I’d want for you is to reflect on how this relates to you and where you may need to dig deeper.

The tree is the model I follow for a way of healing, as overeating and weight loss are part of your healing journey.

Cyndi Stewart, Phd, FNLP, Functional Nutrition and Intuitive Helaing --- Visit Cyndi's site where she shares her story of health struggles, diagnoses, and successes after years of trial and error learning of how to manage her own health.

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