We would love to welcome our new member Vicky Etherington.

Vicky works with coaches and healers around the world to create their websites and is known as The Website Mentor.

In the 1990’s Vicky left her marketing role in London with the BBC and spending the next few years travelling around the globe. After various jobs around the world she stumbled upon Zambia and her heart fell in love with it.

When the rains came and had to ship out of the valley, she left that idyllic life to work as Marketing Director of an African charity which was running programs in the area where she had been based. Combining education and anti-poaching programs, the aim was to make a real difference to people’s lives on the ground, and preserve the precious and abundant wildlife in the area. In 2002 Vicky began to understand the power of the internet in her role. Being a charity, and not having a budget to update the website, Vicky set out to learn how to do it herself.

On her return to the UK, Vicky made it my mission to help small business and entrepreneurs who were facing the same problems and set up her own agency a year later.

She is passionate about helping small business owners who are inevitably the best action takers of anyone else in the business world.

Vicky says “I feel privileged to have worked through an incredible decade of change in this industry and to have been able to have provided guidance for so many of my amazing clients through the ever changing landscape of online marketing, from websites and landing pages to email marketing and lead generation.

Vicky lives in Suffolk with her husband, two young boys, and a beloved German Shepherd.

Vicky has a free 5 day Build Your WordPress Site which you can sign up for here


Vicky Etherington


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