7 years ago Caroline underwent her own acrimonious divorce and realised that there was little or no help out there to help you through the emotional rollercoaster of divorce. You could pay a lawyer thousands to help with the legalities but what about the emotions and the loss of identity.

Caroline was left in over £70,000 worth of debt and suffered with depression and anxiety and truly hit rock bottom. Her days would start having a panic attack on the bathroom floor and self harming herself. However, her two children were her driving force and she wanted to give them the life they truly deserved and to be happy again and on having her home repossessed in April 2013, she knew she had to make a change.

Caroline has now gone on to help hundreds of others overcome the emotional turmoil of divorce with her unique style of divorce coaching. Whether your divorce is amicable or high conflict where abuse and narcissism come into play like Caroline’s was, she can help you move from breakup to breakthrough using positive psychology strategies. Caroline is currently studying for a masters in Positive Psychology and Psychology Coaching as always wants to better herself to deliver the highest standard of coaching to her clients that often go on to become lifelong friends.

She is also writing a book called “Divorce Became My Superpower” as she is on a mission to help hundreds of others not just bounce back but bounce forward and has created a community group with over 3000 women that she helps on a daily basis for free. She does 121 coaching, offers a Middleman Messenger Service for those high conflict separations plus an all access text/phonecall subscription so you never feel you are on your own. She has created multiple businesses now with turnovers of over £1 million but her true purpose and passion is in helping others not just survive but to learn to thrive again post divorce and breakup and truly help them find that divorce can be their superpower.

Caroline Strawson : The Divorce & Breakup Coach

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