Please join us in welcoming our new member Linda Allen.

Linda’s story started in 2011, when she was already working as a personal development coach with a series of BestLife iPhone apps and her brand Relationship Reboot. At a family party, a shocking revelation about her birth family was revealed that shook her to the core of her foundations. She experienced a spiritual awakening, felt euphoric and began to see everything differently. With no context for spirituality, her anomalous experiences and insights threw her previously harmonious, happy and stable family into chaos. Life changed dramatically and painfully: she felt alone, misunderstood, isolated and alienated. Feeling the shame and the pain, that she’d passed on to her family, Linda made it her mission to understand what had happened to her mentally, psychologically, emotionally and spiritually.

She researched and studied psycho-spiritual counselling and spiritual companions.

It was finding a group of people who deeply listened to her with presence and skill, that kept her sane through this spiritual and life crisis. When sharing with them, she felt heard, understood, validated, affirmed and encouraged. She felt connected; she felt OK again. Her experiences were validated through hearing their sharing too and she began to feel safe and grow in courage to share more. Hearing herself helped her make sense of her story and her mission was ignited!

As she emerged, she felt compelled to share the power of what she’d experienced; she initiated a weekly peer support group which she facilitated for two years, where each member felt the relief of feeling free to express what was going on in this safe space. This group ‘UnleashMySpirit’ went on to inspire the Emerging Kind Peer Group Facilitator training. Katie Mottram (another Project Positive Change member) and Linda Allen, share the meaning and purpose they found in their challenges, to co-develop the Community Sharing Circles Facilitator training. They are now thrilled to bring this to the Project Positive Change community through the Circles for Positive Change opportunity.

Impassioned by the power of listening and being heard, Linda developed the KindaListening training programme as a simple solution for recovery and sustaining wellbeing. It is has been called a ‘revolutionary training’ that is evolving how we communicate. As well as enhancing skills in deeper listening and empowering conversation, the training programme offers communication at another level; a more conscious, compassionate and authentic way of communicating, for a more powerful and potentially healing connection.

It is a comprehensive training that empowers self awareness and authentic and safe expression, enabling creating a safe space within. It has become a foundation training for the Circles Facilitator training, as developing a safe space within, is key to enabling a safe space for others to share courageously, so they can make sense of and find meaning and purpose in their story.

Linda’s intuitive coaching approach, provides deep and practical support, mindset education, emotional growth and spiritual grounding. Clients have called her coaching transformational for their personal awareness, wellbeing, relationships, resilience and sense of purpose. Many have described the impact as ‘magical.’

Linda envisions a world where individuals and communities are inspired and empowered to share and connect to support themselves and each other to evolve wellbeing.

Her mission is to share knowledge and enhance innate skills, so that individuals feel supported and empowered to make a difference to themselves and each other.

Linda Allen


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