We would like to welcome our new member Anna Lovett.

Anna is a spiritual teacher that empowers professional women to recover their soul nature and live authentically in every area of their life…from the boardroom to the bedroom.

Anna’s students often have everything they thought they wanted in life but still lay awake at night with feelings of confusion, sadness and frustration because, with all that they have and have accomplished, they are still unsatisfied. They know there is a deeper
level of happiness possible and are drawn to the practical spiritual empowerment Anna teaches through Soul Advocacy.


A modern day mystic equally at home in the corporate and spiritual worlds, Anna has embraced the freedom we all have to live life on our own terms. She brings together 30 years of experience as an executive, minister, traveler, metaphysical practitioner and
nomad to create the unique experience of Soul Advocacy. With an absolute knowing that everyone is capable of having a fulfilling intimate relationship with their soul and the Creative Force that contains it, she guides students from all faiths and professions
to use their naturally adventurous spirit to remember who they really are and embark on the life they were born to live.

Anna Lovett


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