In February 2018 Bobbi launched WidowThrive and Widow’s Wish Foundation.  Some would say it is a noble cause but Bobbi feels it is way more than that; for her it is an outlet to her grief, a way to assist and support other young widows from the enormous grief “dynamics” that a widow faces, especially in the first year post-loss.  She is on a mission to not let another widow and her children feel abandoned in their time of need and feels very strongly about making it “normal” to discuss how we as a culture, view the grieving and their grief.

In Bobbi’s “free time”, she is a fitness franchisee instructor for Jazzercise, Inc.  She has been a franchisee for 11 years. Bobbi loves to motivate others to live a healthy lifestyle and speaks openly about how her fitness career and love of exercise saved her from extreme despair after losing her husband.  She is also very active in her community and is the Band Booster President, regularly arranging fundraisers and outings for the band students, which include her two (2) youngest sons who play the french horn and the flute.

Prior to becoming a fitness instructor, Bobbi was a paralegal for 15 years and boasts that she was the sole paralegal for 7 attorneys at one time.  While she enjoyed the work, it did not feed her soul as she has always felt she needs to be in a job where she can motivate and inspire others.

Bobbi is as comfortable on stage as she is in the gym inspiring others.  She has aspirations to host a TedTalk within the next year, and has a secret desire to publish a book one day — or two, or three!  She would also love to appear on Oprah, work with Gabrielle Bernstein and collaborate with Michelle Steinke-Baumgard of One Fit Widow.  

Widow’s Wish Foundation


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