Chelsey Welna is a keep it real, soul driven, purpose-filled teacher! A few years ago, she was recognized as the Nebraska PE/Health Teacher of the Year, but something was missing.

That was then this is NOW. She helps people who are tired…burned out and lack energy. She helps people who feel stagnant and want to put a spring back in their step. Imagine cutting an apple in half. As it sits out it turns brown, but one half is protected by lemon juice. The half that is browning is happening all day every day in your body and it’s why you lack energy, don’t sleep well, and don’t want to work out.

Chelsey can help you with that. She can help you age like a 20-year-old. And if you can fall in love with the products she offers she can help you fire your boss, stay home with the kids, workout whenever you want, and never be in traffic.

She is a wife, mom, entrepreneur, loves adventure/fun, and a firm believer in “trusting your gut.”

Chelsey Welna

  1. Chelsey Welna.
    She walks the talk.
    I call her my angel friend. Curly, long-white-blond hair; she looks like an angel. Even more, her presence; brings an awareness of the light and largeness of our purpose on the planet. That makes her an angel.
    She has done her internal work, physically, emotionally and spiritually. Chelsey says, ‘I have used my business to grow through, it’s a vehicle..’ Her products are amazing for our physical well-being. Most importantly, she knows who she is and she knows her purpose here. Chelsey will guide you to find your purpose in the area you are ready to know more.
    I so respect and love this woman!
    Hailey Ellingham

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