For more than 45 years Elaine has worked as an Intuitive Counsellor and TAROT expert, offering inspirational guidance with love, wisdom and clarity.

Elaine acts as the facilitator for greater insight and fulfilment with your life personally and professionally.  Her own experiences have enabled Elaine to develop great empathy and her previous corporate background has helped her to understand the pressures of business.   Working with people from all walks of life, including CEO’s, entrepreneurs and those in creative and media careers, Elaine believes that while we must have concrete and practical advice, we fortunately live in a time when using and following our intuition is now understood and accepted.

She describes her approach as grounded wisdom, delivered with a warm, supportive and caring manner; often it’s comforting to know that all it takes is a fresh perspective to bring about a desired change.  Elaine is also a member of The Order Bards, Ovates & Druids🌳 and is on the advisory board of

Elaine Mary Collins



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