Jo Blackwell is a Portrait and Personal Branding Photographer based in the beautiful heart of the English countryside. She became a photographer quite by accident when, approaching her 50th birthday, she started writing a blog about turning 50 and decided to interview and photograph 50 people who had taken life by the horns in midlife and given it a good shake.

For the past 8 years she has built her Portrait business whilst her family has expanded around her – 4 children and almost 6 grandchildren to date – keeping her in a constant state of both worry and joy.

Throughout her career as a Portrait photographer, she has attracted women “of a certain age” who are drawn to her ability to reflect back to them what the world sees: not surface wrinkles and grey hairs, but wisdom, character and radiant beauty that shines from within.

Jo is the Founder of The Midlife Movement a Membership site aimed at women who are fearful of ageing, as she once was. Women who have a growing urge to do something good in the world, but perhaps don’t know how. Jo’s aim is to create the kind of resource  she would have liked to have had 8 years ago, bringing together experts in all areas of interest to midlife women from Health, Fitness, Style and Beauty to Finances, Relationships, Careers and more.

A free ebook of Jo’s book of Portraits and inspiring interviews with over 50s is available to those who request it via the Midlife Movement website. Her next book, “Oh Crap, I’m 50! Moving from Fearful to Fabulous” drawing together the best of her now defunct blog, will be published to coincide with the launch of the Midlife Movement at the end of June 2018.

Jo believes that the world needs the wisdom, experience and love that women 50 plus have to offer. Her mission is to help midlife women increase their confidence so that they can become more visible and step into the lives they were meant to lead in the second half of life.

Jo Blackwell

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