Project Positive Change would like to give a big welcome to our new member Kelly Morgan 

Kelly Morgan is a Confidence and Empowerment coach to help you find out what you love to do and make the leap to get there

Kelly works to empower you from within so that you really KNOW yourself – then you can BE the real you and by being your authentic self, no matter what, you come to LOVE yourself deep down, inside-out, back-to-front. And in that state, you can live your most wonderful life full of grace and gratitude. She does this with clients in groups or 1-2-1 either online or on retreats!

Kelly experienced a big shake up 6 years ago when deep unhappiness drove her to quit her banking job and set up her dream life. She has been through the ups and downs and made it a success. Kelly is a fully certified Wellness Coach, NLP & Timeline Therapy Practitioner and Thought-Field-Therapist, together with her previous skills and life experience she loves to help people through transformation to create their WonderFULL Life.

Her work is her life purpose and is also part of a social project called The Inner State which is has created a new set of human rights to enable people to find their unique and complementary talent to create a new worldwide dynamic.

As well as trying to make herself and the world a better place to live (hehehe) she loves fancy dress, painting and having a good laugh at how seriously we take ourselves sometimes.

Kelly Morgan

  1. Hi… We are one of the same….soul sister…

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