It is Olivia’s vision to revolutionise treatments for weight control, hormone atunement, auto immune illnesses, fertility, cancers and many other illnesses that affect people today.  She believes there is a huge energetic shift across the planet that is driving us to challenge the way we look to heal ourselves.  Ultimately it is her dream to be able to scientifically test and prove the health benefits of energy healers and to help deliver new standards and benchmarks that will enable our practices to work alongside the traditional methods of medical treatments that we see today.

Being brought up in a family who were very spiritually aware, with a Mum who taught that anything was possible, that you just needed to focus and trust. Often discussing beliefs in divine forces, angels, spirits and the power of YOU on earth.

She grew up and spent years in the Corporate world, focused on her career, family & friends.  A few years ago she considered retraining as a Clinical Scientist as she wanted to help people and was fascinated by the science of it all.

After being given the book “Ask and is Given” by Jerry & Esther Hicks her live changed.  She had a deep knowing within me of energy and connection to people, people I had never met and yet I could help them from wherever they were in the world. Her first energy technique was then created ‘Cell Well’. Olivia has gone on to help many people with various physical symptoms experience significant improvement and in some cases, complete relief.  

Olivia Ocana

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