We would like to welcome our new member Wanda Vitale.

Wanda facilitates accelerated coaching sessions and international retreats for those who are ready to be 100% responsible for their lives.  She started her coaching career after decades in corporate life, selling technology to global Fortune 300 companies and managing engineering and support teams while creating sales strategies.  A life as a mystic was compartmentalized – a closet mystic – and she wondered if the two worlds could be merged.  Life caused her to find a way when nothing else worked.   Her coaching practice is the culmination of blending the two as she teaches and demonstrates how to be fully in the world without the limitations we perceive to exist while offering the unique gift and talents only available when we live our passion.   When the gifts of wisdom and compassion from our life’s path are realized we are ready to offer the world our unique gifts.

She works with those who are ready to leave old patterning behind and with those who are choosing to be fully conscious. With those who are mostly in neutrality and choice but get triggered back into lower mental reactions, one foot in 3D and the other beyond, and who can’t move fully beyond the old limiting fear based paradigms.   With her non-physical team she accelerates the stabilization process for the first levels of quantum experience (where every moment is pure choice) that at some point all of humanity will hold.  She is primarily clairaudient, clairvoyant and claircognizant and works to create energetic shifts that enable clients to easily move from old mental and emotional patterning to living from the multi-dimensional self. Limits disappear, fear is gone and you are now operating “at cause” rather than “at effect”. The reason you chose to be here at this time becomes glaringly clear.

Wanda Vitale


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