I suppose I can’t really blame, said bunny, after all, he wasn’t really the one who was loading up the basket with delicious treats that wind me up to chase after eggs all afternoon.

Nope, that was my parents.  

As Santa is to gifts, the Easter Bunny is to candy.

Easter Sunday is synonymous with sugar and sugar, while we loved it as kids, has now become known as a killer.   Yep, a killer.  Who knew the Easter Bunny was up to no good?

I normally eschew books about nutrition, abandoning them half way through due to the complex scientific explanations about how and why the things we eat aren’t good for us or are good for us.  Both are equally as boring and lately have been my go to way to fall asleep as I learn what the culprit may be for my own health problems.   But one book, entertaining both visually and in prose shined the light (or rather the darkness) on sugar in an interesting way.   “That Sugar Book” on the heels of the documentary, “That Sugar Film” captivated me the entire way through.

Damon Gameau decided to test a theory of his about low fat and so called “healthy” foods.  He ate 40 teaspoons of sugar for 60 days!

What?!  He’s the Easter Bunny’s dream right?  No.  The kicker is, he had no sweets.

No candy, no cookies, no chocolate, no snack cakes, no pastries.  Ok, so you may be asking, “How did manage to eat so much sugar?

Healthy food can be really bad for you too. 

How can it all go so wrong?

I’ve given up the candy and ice cream and Little Debbie cakes.  Seriously, it’s been years since a Nutty Buddy crossed my lips (oh but weren’t those delicious?). I’m managing to eat yogurt, granola, loads of couscous, quinoa, smoothies for days.   I should be the picture of health, right?

Nope.  No such luck.

Science has progressed and despite being somewhat boring to read about, there is mounting proof that so many of the things we call healthy are anything but.  I’ve just started working with Cyndi Stewart of Root Causes for Health.   Just started in that, I have just sent in my very lengthy questionnaire leaving me a bit embarrassed to face her after sharing every possible aspect of my bowel movements (was that really necessary!?).    I’m willing to learn from an expert, who has already been through using nutrition to find health and the answer to why I feel tired in the afternoon.

Do you ever think about:

  • Why do I want to nap after a meal?  (Today’s Easter meal was a real snooze inducer)
  • Why do I wake up in the middle of the night?
  • Why can’t I lose weight when I am eating so much “healthy” food?


Cyndi and I had a great talk about it in the upcoming health telesummit, and I’m pretty sure there is more than the Easter Bunny to blame.

Cyndi says…

Transformation with food is possible.

I’m willing to find out. Are you?

Click Here to Join us for our “Healthy, Mind Body and Soul” Virtual Summit:

Leigh Daniel
Leigh Daniel is the co-owner and founder of Project Positive Change (PPC), as well as a a successful speaker, facilitator and certified Infinite Possibilities Trainer. She also the owner of a real estate investment company and international franchise. Plus, a successful and formidable divorce and family law litigator - who loves animals!
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