My dear friend,

It has been such a long time since we’ve encountered each other I honestly almost forgot you exist. Familiarity fades with time, they say, and I think this is true of our relationship. But in meeting you again recently I can say I am now fully reminded of your power, your breadth and your kind impact.

First – your power. I’ve been inattentively hearing of your approach. I should have listened more carefully because the signals were there that you were coming to visit. As is often the case, I was choosing to listen to other things surrounding me, and in doing so I didn’t prepare for your eventual arrival. Preparing would not necessarily have prevented your arrival – you would have just altered your travel schedule as you needed to show up, eventually, at the time when our meeting would be most beneficial to me. You are a masterful planner when it comes to those types of details. Each time you have shown up, this last meeting is no exception, you have completely taken over my house. You’ve helped me clean out my closets packed full of ‘junk,’ you’ve led me to scour my pots and pans to rid them of the scum that has built up over years, and you’ve pointed out that I’ve been making my bed incorrectly forcing me to lie in it in ways that did not lead to refreshing and rejuvenating slumber.

Next – your breadth. When you come you bring your whole family, all of your tools, and all of your learning. Since you’ve been at this for, well, FOREVER, you have a huge swath of goodies. Not only did you prompt me to begin cleaning my whole house, you’re prompting me to retool my landscape, change my daily commute and work habits, and look at my entire world differently. You’re leaving no stone unturned, no back acre untilled, and no dark recess unexplored. If you’re anything, you’re damn thorough. Your attention to details and knowledge that everything is ultimately connected to everything else is daunting – and amazing.

Finally – your kind impact. Other visitors tend to show up at the most inconvenient times or to overstay their visit, or visit half-heartedly, messing things up and moving on before any constructive action can take place. Basically drinking all my beer, eating my chips, and leaving the empty bottles and bags laying around without even asking me to share it with them! How rude. But not you. You join me in the cleaning, you help me WORK, you encourage me when I don’t think I can continue, and you allow me to crumple to the ground exhausted to rest alone until I’m ready to stand up and begin again. Even when you’re yelling at me to ‘suck it up, sunshine’ and kicking me in the ass to move, you are lovingly holding my hand reminding me that everything will be OK in the end – and if it isn’t OK right now that simply means it isn’t the end, dummy. You also remind me that you’ve NEVER let me down. You are, after all, simply an extension of the universal love that begins deep within my heart and soul and your visits are more of a loving reunion than they are anything… we are rejoining each other forming a complete entity, becoming the strongest version of us possible.

So, dear friend, thank you for your visit. I so deeply appreciate you taking the time and energy to help me. Your impact on others in my life cannot go unthanked – I fully recognize that in helping me you help them. No, I don’t think they’ve known of your past visits and how much benefit they’ve received to date. I suppose they’ve caught glimpses because I’ve been the happy-go-lucky, fun, youthful, energetic, positive ball of energy historically – all because of your past visits. This latest one will hopefully usher BACK in that same happy-go-lucky, fun guy… And if he doesn’t show up I’m sure you’ll be back again to gently challenge me to more cleaning and tilling… in order to cultivate his regrowth!

I love you my friend. Now, please go visit others who desperately need you. Your visit has been immensely valuable, as always.

Gary Keil
Dr. Gary Keil has become an industry thought leader on topics ranging from personalized medicine (pharmacogenetics), diagnostics and rational medical practices. In addition to his deep academic and professional credentials, Gary leads an active life. He loves doing anything outdoors with positive-minded people... If you're up for a run, ride, hike or golf, he'll gladly join you!

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