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In the middle of a busy work day, I decided to take my version of a “smoke break” by checking in on Facebook.

I was scrolling through the feed when I couldn’t ignore an eye-catching post that said – “Shopping feels SO good when the size below your regular size doesn’t fit anymore either! #gym #cleanse

In this moment, I couldn’t help but feel a hybrid of envy, frustration and failure. I happened to be eating a piece of pumpkin roll, which certainly is not #cleanse. And I’ve been highly critical of my own body recently – a bad habit that ebbs and flows with the seasons.

You know the feeling, right? You steal away for a quick moment in hopes of coming across an awesome cat video, and instead, you find yourself trapped inside a haunted house getting booed by the comparison monster.

Your friends are hanging out without you. Someone’s in Paris while you’re in a cubicle. Someone’s newly engaged, just married, chronicling her pregnancy, or simply picture perfect in every way. The voice inside your head tells you you’re less than, you don’t have it together, you’re missing out, you don’t have it all (or even close).

Despite knowing it’s irrational, we allow these fragmented stories of other’s lives dictate the way we feel about our own. I allowed this girl’s super-sonic waist and her resulting happiness steal from my joy relishing in a pumpkin treat. I was not practicing positivity or honoring myself by letting comparison beat me down. Someone with true self-love, self-confidence, living a wholehearted and positive life would in fact “like” the post and send her a mental high five. And all I could do was cringe and question my choice of dessert.

When you step back and assess the exchange between yourself and the comparison monster, how often does it happen? Who wins and how do you feel in the aftermath?

It is certainly a daily intention, but I am striving to let the “likes” come from within, and authentically celebrate in other’s joy on social media, or just life in general.

So wherever that monster lives for you – whether it’s on Facebook, in beauty magazines, in the comment section of mommy blogs, or even just at the water cooler among coworkers – I think we should sucker punch it in the gut. Join me?


Jenny Cupero lives in Nashville, TN and is currently the Director of Business Development for 5by5 – A Change Agency. Jenny specializes in building relationships with changemakers like you to connect them with the marketing and digital solutions they need to optimize their clarity and reach. Jenny loves to stay active and is known for her shameless love affair with cheese, Disney World and Celine Dion. She is very excited to contribute to this incredible group of visionaries and changemakers making the world a better place.

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