This is the point in the year where we are saturated.

The holidays are over and all of our hopes and dreams for the year have either happened or not. We have run out of time to change the history of 2018 and are left to assess where we are and move forward as individuals, families, communities and countries. As the wave of the new year gathers the energy of this year is drawing to a close everywhere around us. Many companies and governing bodies are closed or have much of their staff on vacation from Christmas until after the New Year and we are all left with the energy of closing down and being drawn inward to prepare for what is next…even if we aren’t sure what that is. Maybe you are being dragged along kicking and screaming or maybe you are poised and ready to drop in and ride the wave of 2019.

It doesn’t always happen at the stroke of midnight on December 31st and each year we may experience it at a different times from around November through February, but whenever it comes, we all experience the moment when one year feels complete and we are ready to begin the next. Each of us has our own rhythm, but whatever personal, familial or cultural cycle you are in it happens for you, even if you haven’t noticed.

For me this year has been one of preparation and remembering my own agency and power over myself and my life. My coming year will likely look very different from the one that is passing because I am ready for things to change. Your coming year may be very similar to the one we are moving out of. We are all unique and it is up to you to decide what you want and what is right for you. When I went into meditation to hear what I wanted to share I didn’t get a specific practice or ritual for ringing out the old and in the new. What I felt was a lot of space for all of us to step into and create the lives we want to live. So what I offer you here is a gift of space.

As I reflect on my 2018 I see the work that I did and the grace that I let flow that allows me to know that if you are reading this you can accept the gift of space that I am holding for you. It is a neutral, loving, creative space that acts as a doorway into The Space that is now open and ready to receive you. If you are wondering how you can possibly be supported in this way by someone you have never met at the other end of mere letters on a screen I invite you to take a few moments to sit quietly with your eyes closed and imagine that you are opening the door to a wide open room that you are excited to discover is the perfect size, temperature, light, decor and feeling for you. In the middle of the room there is the ideal spot for you to sit or lie down.

Go to that place and settle in. Allow your mind to empty of its ideas about you and your life, making way for fresh thoughts, feelings, images and inspirations to fill this room. Watch the space morph and change as you make it your own.

Come back to this space often and continue to develop a relationship with yourself within it. By reading this post and opening the door to this room you allow me to deliver the gift that was given to me to hold for you. Everything beyond the door is yours and has been waiting for you. As you enter The Space if you find yourself having difficulty separating from anxiety or busyness in your mind try hearing your inner voice tell you loving truths that you may have forgotten. Some common things we hear from our inner Self are: You are released from guilt and shame over the things you did or did not do this year. You are freed from expectations that you have of yourself that no longer serve you. You have permission to be quiet or loud, to release or embrace, to do whatever you feel drawn to do to mark your own unique transition from one year to the next. You are granted full authority and all of the power and skills that go along with it to take back control of yourself and your life…whatever that means to you. This time of year is your time, the time when the world stands as still as it ever gets and affords you the space to reconnect with yourself and decide what you want, who you want to be, who/what you want in your life and what you want your life to look and feel like.

Look for me in 2019 on the Project Positive Change site and Facebook groups where I will be doing space holding sessions for you to connect in with your Self that you can join live or recorded. If you have found your way to Project Positive Change and this blog post then rest assured that with the support of this community 2019 is the year that you can connect to yourself and your life’s passions at the level that you have been hoping and preparing for.

I think I can speak for all of us here when I say we are so excited to get to know you and support you as we learn and grow alongside you in our mission to bring positive change to the world. All the best to you today and in the year to come.

Anna Lovett

Anna Lovett

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