“Magic is believing in yourself, if you can do that, you can make anything happen.”  Wolfgang Von Goethe

Sometimes we avoid facing the fact that we’re not doing what we want to be doing. I understand that because it can be an uncomfortable thing to acknowledge, especially when we don’t feel we can change our situation…

But today we are going to face up to some personal truths because you would not be reading this right now, if it weren’t for the burning desire inside you to do something else.  This something might be vague or crystal-clear but the fact remains that something needs to be expressed.

Once you acknowledge that “something”, you cannot go back to the way things were.  And fulfillment comes from following whatever that something is.

You won’t be accepted by everyone – that’s just the way it is.   So don’t bother trying to please everyone, it’s impossible anyway.  Initially, this will concern you but as your confidence grows it won’t matter as much.

Another amazing thing happens when you acknowledge that the ’status quo’ isn’t enough for you… you end up attracting other people who share your same values and who want to support you to achieve your dreams.  Also, when friends and family see you walking your path, happier, something ignites in them. Your actions will change the people around you.

Walking our talk is the most powerful thing we can ever do

Have the courage to do what is right for you.  When we do what feels right and stop doing what everyone else wants us to do, we bust through the barriers, the criticism, the “what ifs”, and the judgments – to show the world who we really are.

Nothing is more beautiful than realizing you have a dream and choosing to follow it.  That dream may be vague or crystal clear but at this point what matters is that you acknowledge that something isn’t working.  Acknowledge that you want something more.

Acknowledge that you will step out of your comfort zone and begin walking the path toward your dream.

Complete these Exercises to Begin Your Journey.

Exercise #1:  Questions to Ponder – be honest with yourself.  No excuses, simple, straight forward answers only.

1. What is making you feel so frustrated?
2. What have you been holding off doing?
3. What is your biggest vision for your life (it’s normal if you feel uncomfortable answering this one)?

Exercise #2:  Declare Your Dream – Write it down, make it Big, Bold and Fearless.

Be Brave – What do you really want to do?

Be Brief – Start with I will…I am…..I can

Be Bold – Make it come alive with images

Believe – Your Dream is Your Call to Action

Susan Ball is the founder & CEO of Broken to Blissful™. She is an author and sought after international speaker, sharing her message of building joy on the journey from victim to survivor to thriver. She brings her experience, insights, and proven strategies to her work much to her clients’ delight. In a nutshell, Susan helps women heal. Whether a woman is in need of support following a divorce or toxic relationship or recovering from an abusive relationship, Susan welcomes everyone and works with them using the tools and concepts from her ground-breaking book: Courage and Grace, From Broken to Blissful, The Journey of Building Joy During Your Recovery From Abuse Susan is a regular contributor to LifeGrid, Huffington Post, and Thrive magazines. She lives joyfully ensconced with her soul mate, off the grid, snug at Tiny Wrecky House on Canada’s Atlantic coast.

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