Since I have introduced my Wise Women Sessions I have had the tremendous pleasure and honour to talk to some amazing women. Talented, intelligent, loving and wise. But often, they’re not so convinced themselves.
They doubt themselves.
They feel stuck, or lost.
They are unsure.
They feel they’re not doing enough, or not the right thing.
They’re not giving their partner, their kids, their family, their clients, their patients or students what they need.

This is not what I see. I don’t see a woman who is not enough. I don’t see a woman who is failing or falling short.
I see talent, wisdom, love. I often see what is keeping them from seeing this themselves. And it helps, that I can see something they can’t – yet – see for themselves. But what is really needed, is that they start seeing it themselves. And feeling it. Believing it. Trusting it and living it.

It is my greatest reward when I can hold space for that process and help birth their own wisdom, insights and new perspectives.

So why is it, that so many of us do not feel we’re awesome? How come we all seem to be caught up in the nightmare of believing we are not good enough? Because that is what it is: an illusion. There is absolutely nothing wrong with us. It is our own mind that creates this misunderstanding.

We were not born with these negative ideas about ourselves. We gathered them in the first 10 or so years of our lives, when we were told what to do and what not to do in order to be approved of or disapproved of. And even though most parents meant absolutely no harm with their punishments and rewards, for a kid, the fear involved with ‘getting it wrong’ was really existential, because at a tender age we are totally dependent on the grown ups in our lives.

We no longer are, but the fears are still there. And instead of rising above the disapprovals, we have internalized them. And the result is, that we now disapprove of ourselves, and spend a lifetime craving the approval of others.

We can change that though. We can grow our awareness and loosen the grip of our limiting beliefs and fearful mind. Moreover, we can connect back in with our ever perfect and wise core, what I like to call our soul.

You’d be amazed at her.

Curious? Or homesick for that awesome, real you? You are so very welcome for a Wise Woman Session. If you are (or become) a member of my Facebook group, Awakening Wise Women, you get €50,00 discount (€97 instead of €147; it’s a 90 minute session where you get in-depth soul counseling). Message me for the discount password.
Talk to you soon!

Karin Bosveld is a spiritual teacher and coach for highly sensitive, highly talented coaches, teachers, trainers, healers, therapists - in short, people working with people. She teaches and inspires them to live and work from their inner source of soul wisdom, trust, love and confidence rather than be driven by doubt, fear, and limiting beliefs. So that they can live their fullest soul potential and help their clients, students and patients to reach the best results. She is also a zen, mindfulness and compassion teacher, retreat leader, speaker and writer.

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