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I have always had an elaborate imagination. As a child, it played out in Barbie dream houses, dressed up by an over-flowing bin of costumes. And, just as we discussed , it convinced me monsters under the bed were real, so even then, it had a dark side.

But as an adult, this balance between dreaming and worrying has shifted more than I care to admit. As hard as I try to have faith and peace of mind, the older I get, the more difficult it becomes in this broken world not to worry.

Just the other day, I was in the middle of a meeting when I realized I forgot to bring my cell phone with me. Usually this wouldn’t faze me, but for some reason it triggered something inside me. A scene suddenly came to life in my mind: A coworker knocked on the conference room door, holding my phone, and asked for me to leave the meeting. She then told me my mom had died in a car accident. I fell to the ground, inconsolable and had to be driven home, drowning in a pool of grief. I was brought back to reality when I was called upon in the meeting. And just like that, the curtain closed on the terrible thought.

Has this ever happened to you?

Has the author of your fears ever taken hold of your imagination like that?

Why it is so easy for our mind to paint a picture of something tragic?

I know in my heart worry is a complete waste of time, space and energy. It is a misuse of our gifts and it creates anxiety out of thin air. To worry is to damage our spirit and steal from our potential. Putting this into daily practice, however – not always easy.

So what is the secret sauce?

How can you be true to living a positive life and trusting the Universe is a friend when people die, terrible and unjust things happen, and ultimately, you have absolutely zero control over everything except your breath and your actions?

You breathe. Deep, long, gentle breaths. You refuel, you shift gears and you act as if. Just like when you put on your dress-up clothes and pretended to be a princess, you act as if nothing bad will ever happen. You take the negative thought and you retool it into a dream. You have gratitude for all of the blessings in the here and now and focus your mind on all the good.

And maybe you give your mom a call to tell her how much you love her.



Jenny Cupero lives in Nashville, TN and is currently the Director of Business Development for 5by5 – A Change Agency. Jenny specializes in building relationships with changemakers like you to connect them with the marketing and digital solutions they need to optimize their clarity and reach. Jenny loves to stay active and is known for her shameless love affair with cheese, Disney World and Celine Dion. She is very excited to contribute to this incredible group of visionaries and changemakers making the world a better place.

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